Fake Steve Jobs Introduces Macbook Air Clone

We were wondering when the next generation of Macbook Air clones would launch, and we didn’t have too wait long.

This new generation of Macbook Air clone doesn’t get the ultra thin alloy body the genuine model gets, but it has been stream lined a little and gets improved styling, such as a very thin lid with black screen bezel, and a great looking black on white chiclet keyboard.

This particular 10 inch model gets, HDMI out, 2 x USB, Ethernet and a SD card reader. Thats actually 1 USB and a SD card reader more than the genuine 11 inch Macbook Air!

Overall design is very compact, partly due to the 10 inch screen size, but also due to all those stream lining measures. The lid is actually so thin that Video Electronics were unable to find a webcam small thin enough to fit!
Weight is pretty good too at only 1.1Kg!

It’s also been given a huge price cut and now only cost 1380 Yuan ($200).
Video Electronics, the company responsible for the clone even had a fake Steve Jobs pose for the publicity shots!
Oh, and before you get too excited we doubt the image showing it running OSX is about as real as their Steve Jobs look a like.

Via Shanzhaiben

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