Winpad Windows 7 Tablet

The free open source nature of Android has really put a dampener of the Windows 7 tablet parade with only a handful of devices currently on the market.
Out of that very small handful the Winpad really shines!

The external appearance of the Winpad is vaguely reminiscent to the iPad’s but it is far from a carbon copy.

The alloy frame is much thicker than the iPads and is full of cooling vents for one. The vents are to keep the Intel Atom 1.66 Ghz CPU nice and cool while in use, the extra thickness of the device also gives ample breathing space for little CPU and also provides enough room for a large(ish) battery 1 Gb (2Gb option) or RAM and a whole range of plugs ports and switches.
In fact there are 2 x USB plugs, a HDMI out and a micro SD card reader all built in to the 10.1 inch tablet.

We had a chance to play around with the tablet and found the screen to be very responsive even when covered in plastic wrapping (to keep it safe from our clumsy hands). Windows 7 makes for a great tablet O.S and has some nice features such as a on screen ring which circles the point you are touching on screen making it east to navigate the very familiar Windows landscape.

Prices for the Winpad start at around 3100 Yuan ($464) for a 16Gb SSD model with 1Gb of RAM and climb to the dizzying heights of 6000 Yuan ($900) for a 128Gb SSD model with 2 GB of RAM and 3G.
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