Buying an Android Tablet: Where Will You Use Your Tablet?

Buying an Android Tablet should be as easy as walking in to a store and handing over your hard earned money. However, with the number of tablets on the markets all with various different features and in various different shapes and sizes, how do you choose which android tablet is best to buy?
The first question should really be “What will I be mainly using my Android Tablet for?”
Will your tablet be mostly used while on the go? Commuting from home to work or even further a field? Or will you be mainly using it at home?
Once you have an idea of where your tablet will be put to use the most, then you can start chipping away at the specifications.

If you want to use your Android tablet while traveling it would probably make sense to buy a 7 or 8 inch android tablet, as they are more portable and will more than likely weigh less.
Buying a 7 or 8 inch Android Tablet will also mean you will more than likely reap the benefits of a slightly better specification and added functions. 3G, GPS and a camera would be very useful additions for a tablet destined to be on the road for the majority of its life, as would a larger battery.
Buying a 7 inch tablet would would be the least expensive and lightest option meaning it would be easy to carry and you probably wouldn’t mind too much if it got lost or broken while out and about, but that smaller screen is going to be a bit of a strain on the old eyes if you plan to do a fair amount of reading.
If that’s the case buying an 8 inch tablet might be better. You will more than likely get very similar functions as the 7 inch tablet for very little extra and that larger screen is going to be much better for reading and watching movies, but that larger screen also means a larger and easier target for knocks, scrapes and bangs. It’s also going to weight that bit more.

So for gaming, music and keeping connected while on the go we would suggest buying a 7 inch android tablet.
But if reading and movies are more your thing while out and about paying the extra for an 8 inch might be worthwhile, if you can put up with the extra girth.

But, what if the furthest you plan on taking your Android Tablet is to and from the sofa? Well in that case functions like GPS, 3G a camera and huge battery probably aren’t really needed, unless of course you live in a huge mansion and often get lost going from room to room, then GPS might come in handy.
If your tablet is going to serve you at home then a 10 or 9.7 inch tablet is probably worth buying. These larger tablets don’t get as many functions as the smaller tablets, but the added screen real estate makes media consumption much more enjoyable. The larger screen will probably eat in to the battery life a little faster than it would on a smaller tablet, but that shouldn’t be much of a big deal, as a plug socket should always be with in reach.

That’s it for this post, but we’ll go over more points worth considering in a later post.

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