Ubuntu Tablet Specification and Pricing Announced!

Ubuntu Tablet Specification and Pricing Announced!


We first posted news of this P07 (Winpad) based Ubuntu tablet just before Christmas, and since then we’ve been amazed by the number of queries about the device.
We recently spoke to the developers and they kindly shared a few more details including a more detailed idea of the specification and pricing.

More details and plenty of pictures of the original Ubuntu Tablet after the jump.

  • 1.66 Ghz Intel Atom CPU
  • 1-2 GB DDR3 RAM
  • 16-32GB SSD (solid state) storage.
  • 10” capacitive screen (resolution still unknown)
  • 1.3 mega-pixel web camera
  • 2 x USB 2.0
  • 1 x HDMI out
  • 3.5mm head phone jack
  • 3G option
  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth

The outside of the Ubuntu Tab is made of a alloy with a sandblasted finish, the feel is pretty comfortable, despite the unit being thick.
We we not able to confirm the weigh, but in out hands it seem as light as the iPad.
Booting time was pretty fast and the overall system was very responsive.
Although there are gravity sensors built in to the design, they we not active when we had a try, but we are assured that they will be once production starts.

There is no confirmed launch date for the Ubuntu Tablet, but pricing is expected to start at $400 for the 16Gb model and WIFI. The 3G option will be an extra $50.

We’re hoping to get some more hands on time with the Ubuntu tablet with in the next few weeks and will post our full impressions then.

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  • Shankara

    It will always be good to have gnu/linux running on a pc of what ever kind. It would be better if we can get some cheaper models.

    • We will be getting a test unit later this week, so watch this space!

  • Landon

    I Cant wait 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Im going to save up my christmas and birthday money for the p07 Ubuntu Tablet!!!!!!!

  • Landon

    Also, I see there is still a windows logo… I think I will not buy it until they fix it :(. I take back my comment above.

    • Don’t worry I’m sure it won’t ship like that 🙂

  • ss

    where do you see a windows logo?? are we looking at the same pics? the ubuntu tablet?

    • On the home button

  • Check out our hands on video with the Ubuntu Linux Tablet here:

  • Bob Bello

    Great! Where to buy it in US? 😉

    • It seems development for it may have stopped!

      • Shaunuss

        I don’t know if you get notifications of replies on here Andi, but I have one of these tablets, and they ship with windows 7 installed on them. Not too bad, though the N455 is definitely a little dated. Chrome is a bit slow on here, but overall the tablet is sufficient for what you’d use a netbook for.

  • Lloyd

    Is it available in the Philippine market, where can we buy?

    • I have not heard much about it now it seems that they stopped development

  • TheZedo

    Hi, is the tablet version of ubuntu netbook edition 10-10 available somewhere to download? It would be great to try on my tablet since the huge delay for google honeycomb.

    • You can download the OS from Linux for free, but you will need the drivers for the screen.