Exclusive: Ubuntu Tablet Hands On Video!

Exclusive: Ubuntu Tablet Hands On Video!


We were the first to bring news of the Ubuntu Powered 10″ tablet! We were the first to bring you full specification and pricing details, we were even the first to break news of its knock off!!

Now, we are the first to bring you an exclusive hands on video of the Linux running Ubuntu tablet!

Video after the jump:

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  • Landon

    Thanks Andi! 🙂 Is the front on the tablet platic or glass, is the windows button still there, how is the battery life (honestly). Thanks!

    • I’ve not had the time to try and run it down, but I’d hazard a guess at around 3 hours. If I don’t get my M9 later today I’ll have time to play with the tablet and see how long it can really last.
      Oh, the front is plastic, but seem tough and has a great smooth feel to it. The Windows button is still there:(

  • ss

    it’s pronounced oo(as in too)-boon-too not umbuntoo

  • noooo

    its pronounced uuuuuuuuuubuuuuuuuuntuuuuuuuuu

    • cheers for that

  • Paul

    Is this going to ship with the Unity GUI or the standard desktop one? I’d prefer bigger buttons and a bigger keyboard (like the iPad) so there’s no fiddling about in the corners trying to close windows.
    Actually, loads of Unity touch gestures would be best.

  • Anthony

    I am really excited about this. I d like to see a few more videos if you can 🙂 thanks!

    • It’s no longer in my hands 🙁 if I get it back I’ll do some more videos

  • Darth Chaos

    @Paul, I figure it will ship with Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal. If the tablet’s video hardware is capable enough, then Unity will be the standard GUI. Keep in mind that a 2D version of Unity is scheduled to be included in Ubuntu 11.10 which is rumored to be codenamed “Oscillating Ocelot”.

    • Not sure what its going to run or even if it will come out still waiting on it

  • Russian Bear

    Where I can buy it?

    • You can’t yet

  • Lior Dubnitzky


    I have the same tablet, and many people I know also have it.
    We have tried to put Linux on it, with no luck.

    It requires two fingers to touch the screen in order to work.

    How did you get it working?

  • calmpitbull

    i would like to know if u can mount usb wifi on and if u can use aircrack-ng.. i am ethical hacker and this would be a great thing form me to use….pls respond and live answer on my email..thx again

    • I have no idea sorry

  • shawn

    Is this tablet out yet?