Jet Powered Fire Truck

Jet Powered Fire Truck


This is China’s latest tool in the fight against skyscraper blazes a turbo-jet water gun made from a jet fighter engine! The fire truck here was pictured  in Luoyang, Henan Province and cost an estimated 3 million yuan ($455,539). The turbo-jet gun can rotate almost 360 degrees, and shoot out 3 tons of water at a maximum range of 120 meters away in one minute.

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  • Kobe

    Hey, how to browse over older articles in this site? I see no older news button

  • rfkolbe


    There is a narrow blue strip with “GO” in white letters at the top of the page just below the black bar (top)

    You have probably figured this out by now but if you enter your search term into that field and press the “GO” it will do a search.
    Not sure if it pulls up old news article, but it does do a search.

    San Francisco

  • CV

    It would be great to see a video of this jet in action. Looks awesome!

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