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There are hundreds of applications available for Android now that feature street maps. Most of which use Google’s excellent free mapping service, however this reliance on Google’s servers means your tablet (or phone) will need to be constantly connected to WIFI, 3G and GPRS. This might be fine for those with infinitely deep pockets and can afford high data connection charges each month, but for those of us with less sustainable pools of cash, but who require maps while out and about, there are a few offline mapping applications we can try out.

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MapDroyd is a free application available on both the Android Market and Slideme Market. Once installed the app allows you to download highly detailed (in most circumstances) street maps which are saved locally to your devices SD card meaning you don’t need to be connected to the web to enjoy instant navigation at your figure tips as and when you need it.

Both the app and the maps are free to use and download, but some areas are less detailed than others. For example maps of China are largely blank where as maps of the UK and U.S.A are extremely detailed and offer more than enough accuracy for finding your way around.

Download Mapdroyd here.

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