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Since Chromecast saw the light in 2013, which is said soon, due to its price has been a great success and acceptance, both for its …

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Huawei continue their frequent updates of their premium Ascend P6 smartphone with the recent release of the official B120 update.

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One of the most popular apps among root users, Greenify, is all set to widen its audience to non-root users thanks to a massive update!

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China’s Meizu have announced that they will be making no profit from sales through the Meizu appstore, while developers will get 100% of the revenue.

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Google’s Android Play store now has over 1 million apps to choose from, but there are only so many we can try, and even fewer which we will use on a regular basis. What are the top 5 Android apps you use?

Xiaomi officially unveiled the Xiaomi Mi3, available in 16GB or 64GB versions, all the way back in September but it has taken until now for the 64GB to receive its network license.

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There are plenty of guides and how to articles on the web describing how you can ROOT your Android phone, but not many are as easy and straight forward as Framaroot.

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Tablet maker Smart Q are hoping to be the second Chinese manufacturer to launch an Android smartwatch.

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The rear touch panel of on the Oppo N1 has received more attention this afternoon after leaked promotional material shows us the ways we can use it!

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Qualcomm have been talking about their Mirasol display for years, and now it finally looks ready to launch, at least in some applications.

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Do you have one of those boring old TV’s that can only show TV? Then what you want is an Android mini PC (Android on …

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The iOS Jailbreak community lost a valuable asset this week with the closure of Installous, but Chinese start-up KuaiYong aims to fill that void, what’s more you don’t need a jailbreak!

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Are you looking for an alternative Android apps download site or resource for your Chinese phone or tablet!?  Well you’re in luck because this is the …

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Exciting news for Android loving Mac users as the popular Blustacks for Mac was finally announced allowing Apple users to run Android applications direct from …

So you have heard the news and hype surrounding the hugely popular Android on a stick USB PC’s which can turn your TV into a …

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Traveling in China can be a little daunting for someone arriving here for the first time, and even for us who have lived here for …

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Instagram is by far one of my favorite applications on my iPhone, and it has actually taken the place of the standard camera app for …

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You know what is really annoying? Buying an Android tablet only to find that there is no simple way to download application for it! Actually, …

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Barnes and Noble have been selling 2 different version of their popular 8GB Nook Tablet, here is how to root your 8GB 512mb RAM, Nook …

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If you have been gaining a few extra MB’s and your Android device due to downloading tons or great apps from the Android Market you …

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