Bluestacks Brings Whatsapp and more to the Mac!

Bluestacks Brings Whatsapp and more to the Mac!


Exciting news for Android loving Mac users as the popular Blustacks for Mac was finally announced allowing Apple users to run Android applications direct from their dock. Keep reading for full instructions on how to install WhatsApp on a Mac!

Blustacks for Mac, much like the Windows version, is a native app player for Mac users allowing Android applications to run on your Mac laptop or desktop just as a native Mac application would.

The free to download software installs a simple user interface along with the App Player and a bunch of free Android applications to play around with.

Once installed, which takes a few moments and is a simple case of following the on screen directions, Bluestacks add an ‘Android Apps’ folder to your Mac’s dock containing a few Android applications including free car racing games and the popular Whatsapp free messaging app.

install bluestacks for macAs you would expect Android applications run extremely quickly on the Mac’s hardware, what’s more many apps can run at full screen and still look great.

bluestacks android applications on a macOne of our favorite idea’s behind running Android applications on your desktop or laptop is the fact that they usually take a lot less room when compared to the the PC of Mac counterparts, this is certainly something to think about if you are running a Macbook Air or other SSD equipped ultra book with only a few spare Gigs of space left.

whats app for a mac

How to install and run WhatsApp on a Mac!

As Whatsapp is one of my favorite applications to run on my iPhone I was keen to try it out on my Macbook Pro, and as it only takes up 5.3mb why not!

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If you want to install Whatsapp on your Mac keep reading!

  1. First you will want to download Bluestacks App Player for Mac from here.
  2. Once downloaded double click on the package and follow the on screen instructions.
  3. When the installation is complete a nice little popup window will appear explaining all you need to do is open the Android Apps folder in your dock to begin.
  4. If you’re like me the first app you will want to try is Whatsapp, however you will have to wait for Bluestacks to connect to an Android store (which it will do automatically) and download the app for you.
  5. Once download fill in your Whatsapp details and you’re done!
  6. Congratulations you have Whatsapp running on your Mac!

Which Android applications will you install on your Mac with Bluestacks?

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  • Paul Teale

    This article is complete nonsense.
    Yeah so you can run WhatsApp in BlueStacks on your Mac but only till the first screen where it asks for SMS verification that is required to actually use WhatsApp.
    At this point your stumped because when tell it your phone number no SMS arrives so none of this works.

    • Hi Paul it worked for me but did take a very long time for me to get the the SMS code to arrive. The problem I found was there was no way to search your address book (on your Mac) to search for other Whatsapp users, which made it a little pointless for me.

    • Just use the “call” option. SMS didnt work for me either but call sure did 🙂

  • Halim

    It works fine. You just need to add your new contact manually.

    • Awesome! glad it worked for you 🙂

      • jeffchooi

        Hi Andi, I hv the same problem as Lg. Can’t find the Whatsapp when i click on App Stores. Please advise.

  • Unnati

    Um, I downloaded and installed bluestacks perfectly, but I am having trouble downloading Whatsapp because it doesn’t show in my Bluestacks and I can’t find the search line. I need help with that. Thankyou 😀

  • Nikki Punjabi

    m also having trouble in whatsapp same as unnati..!!
    please provide solution..!!!thanks

  • Afrik

    Hie Halim, exactly how do you add the contacts manually. I’m stumped. Can i upload a csv?

  • Daniel

    Hey, thanks for Android Apps Download, However i am unable to find Whatsapp anywhere. I have fruit ninja, paper toss, Pulse diamond blast. And under all apps, Whatsapp doesn’t appear. Need help in this area. Thanks.

  • l g

    trying to install whatsapp but when i click on app stores.. nothing happens.. what can i do.. ?
    the page is all black with” app stores” on the left top. . thankyou!

  • Luis Alves

    Yep, whatsapp not showing and stores doesn’t show anything.

  • Alb

    try this: uninstall your copy of bluestacks and install this older version ( )

    Now find the whatsapp downloader in the app list and save it on the desktop.

    Now uninstall the older version of bluestacks and reinstall the last version.

    So, copy the whatsapp downloader into the new app list.

    that’s all … now u have whatsapp in the menu.. and it works 😉

    • Thanks. You saved me lots of effort Alb.

    • Adam

      Yes, thank you!

    • jorgenehme

      Alb Thanks men, in the beta version, it doesnt appear the whatsapp aapplication!!!!

  • deon

    alb thx it looks like it is working. great fix.


  • jim

    as soon as you link the bluestacks version via number verification you then only get the messages on the desktop and no longer on your mobile

    so no point doing this as main reason is its a mobile app that you would like to use on desktop as well, not one or the other!

  • how do i put whatsapp in the blustacks i already downloaded it

  • Parth

    For all guys who are having trouble working whatsapp.
    I think its in beta nd thus still not perfect. I found out that if you search from home screen any app, it wont download or do anything.
    Go to the MY APPS
    then click on seearch apps
    then search Whatsapp
    now it will download and install
    Also for those of you who are using it on pc like me, you need to download the free app GoContacts to add new contacts manually. Then only will you be able to send whatsapp msgs

    I loved this software and would gladly purchase it. Its free and now i can talk with all my android phones users without having an android phone.

  • Mike

    Also couldnt get past the point of adding contacts.

    I had added the code which was sent to my phone, but as another user said, then the Whatsapp on my phone was not working any longer either and it made me wait an hour before I could try adding again.

    This is pointless

  • Roland

    Hi all. it s been around 3 month now i downloaded Whatsapp application on my Mac book air and I was using it until recently it said your whatsapp version is old and u have to update it…of course there was a button to press shown on the desktop to update it…but as I pressed it it keeps on saying ERROR is there another way I can download it or even upload it again? whapp on Mac is much more fun than on iPhone cause the screen is bigger… please help me find a solution send me feed back on my e mail address

  • Robert Ndlovu

    it works very well Whatsapp uses XMPP protocol over internet and not SMS the SMS is just to confirm device !

  • Neeraj Bansal

    Bluestack is a good software, but I think it is developed for Android developers only, because with bluestack most of time display configuration of android games just changes automatically.

  • jeck

    Hi, I just want to know where does all the media files downloaded by whatsApp application, where actually is is being stored in my Mac book, can any one tell what is the location for that?

  • amrit

    how to upload fotos by whatsapp in macbook pro