Chinese start-up KuaiYong allows free iOS Apps without a Jailbreak!

The iOS Jailbreak community lost a valuable asset this week with the closure of Installous, but Chinese start-up KuaiYong aims to fill that void, what’s more you don’t need a jailbreak!

Installous was a very popular, if rather illegal, method of iOS users to download cracked applications on to their Jailbroken iPhones, iPods and iPads. However, Instaulous is now no-more, and iOS hackers are now looking elsewhere to get their pirated apps.

This is where Chinese start-up KuaiYong step in with their own method of giving users access to thousands of free iOS apps, but you don’t need a Jailbroken device to make use of the service.

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KuaiYong basically buys official, malware free apps from the Apple App Store, then allows subscribers to use their service and Apple credentials to use the apps on their own devices!

The idea is similar to what many unofficial Apple stores in China offer customers who buy iDevices from them, and allows customers to download as many apps as they like for a low monthly/yearly fee.

We’re not sure how long KuaiYong (which translates to “use quickly”) will be able to get away with their service before Apple shuts them down, but we do know that membership is growing fast with a claimed 5 million active subscribers!

[ Thenextweb via Techinasia ]
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