3100mAh Battery for Xiaomi M2 gives 22 days of standby!

3100mAh Battery for Xiaomi M2 gives 22 days of standby!


If you have managed to get your hands on one, there will be no doubt in your mind that the Xiaomi M2 is one of the most impressive phones to come out of 2012, and now it is even better thanks to the recently launched 3100mAh battery!

The Xiaomi M2 (aka Mi2) is an amazing phone! It costs just 1999 Yuan ($320) but offers customers one of the best 4.3-inch displays on the market, a stunning 8-mega-pixel rear camera, and performance by the bag load thanks to the Qualcomm S4 quad-core CPU and 2GB RAM.

Looking at the specs and knowing what I do from personal hands on time with the M2, it would be pretty hard to make the flagship Xiaomi any better, but they have with the launch of a larger aftermarket battery.

The stock Xiaomi M2 battery is a 2000mAh unit which is a little on the small side considering all of that awesome power, but the new Sony manufactured aftermarket battery is a much larger 3100mAh cell! Although we haven’t had a chance to try the new battery our, Xiaomi are claiming 530 hours of standby or roughly 22 days!

There is one drawback though and that is you will have to change the rear of the M2 to accommodate the larger battery which adds 2mm to the thickness, but I think most users can handle that.

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  • ubelai

    So this battery will add 2mm to the already 10.2mm thickness?

  • joe

    unacceptable, it would feel like holding the lords of the ring trilogy book in your hands.

    • thesniper321

      Hahahaha excellent

      • ubelai

        Hahahahaha dead set right there!
        Seriously 12.2mm is going overboard as all hell.

        I was interested in this phone seeing as it has the 4.3″ screen @ 720p (currently have a JiaYu G3, I guess I could say I’m one for a bit of a smaller screen size) but why even is the unit 10.2mm to begin with?

        Might just have to wait for the M3 in the future, if there ever is one.

  • Hector

    10.4 mm !

    • ubelai

      So you’re saying it only adds .2mm thickness? If so, would consider this phone!

      • Robert

        10.2mm + 2mm is still 12.2mm 😉
        Back to school Hector ;p

        • ubelai

          Woah lookout we have a schoolyard bully here. Seeing as someone above said something about 10.4 I got curious, and needed a confirmation.

          Ps. Did you feel flattered after that comment?
          Because I’ll be honest with you, the logic behind that remark was pretty miniscule.

          • ubelai

            Oh my haha, didn’t even realize what you were referring to, my apologies I just woke up :p