20 Android apps download store alternatives!

20 Android apps download store alternatives!


Are you looking for an alternative Android apps download site or resource for your Chinese phone or tablet!?  Well you’re in luck because this is the ultimate list of alternative Android app stores from around the web!

I originally wrote a list of 15 ways how to download Android apps without the Android market here, but as that list of Android apps download resources was getting a little out of date and as other alternatives popped up I’ve decided to write an updated version.


Why would I need an alternative Android apps download site?

You might be thinking ‘Google Play is working just fine, why would I need an alternate Android app store?’.

Well there are a number of reasons, but the main reason is that many Android devices especially Chinese Android phones and Chinese Android tablets do not ship with Google Play installed so how to download Android apps in this case?


20 Android apps download store alternatives!


1. Pandaapp

Pandaapp continues to be my personal favorite way how to download Android apps. The Pandaapp store is available either via their website, or their own Android application which can be downloaded for free. All the Android apps on the Pandaapp store are Free, but please take care as there are plenty of cracked and pirated games!

Visit the Pandaapp website here.


2. Baidu App Store

Baidu the Chinese search giant who are currently kicking Google’s butt across the Chinese internet also have their own method how to download Android apps. The Baidu App store is actually an aggregator of a number third-party stores which allows you to search a wide network for the apps you are after from only one search screen.

Visit the Baidu App store here.


3. Opera Mobile App Store

Opera have their own way how to download Android apps! The Opera Mobile App store frequently offers discounted applications with some huge savings along with a wide variety of free Android apps. Plus as it is ran by a trusted name this Android apps download solution relatively safe.

Download the Opera Mobile App Store here.


4. MIUI.com

MIUI is the name of the Xiaomi OS, and they have their own website with great ways to download Android apps, many of them being free. As well as apps there are a number of hacks, how to’s and other useful resources which make Android apps download site and extremeley usful site to visit!

Visit the MIUI forum here.


5. Tencent App Gem

Like Baidu, China’s other search engine providers are getting involved with Android apps and their own way how to download Android apps. Tencent’s App Gem is the Chinese company’s solution to Android apps downloads and allows users to download apps directly to their Android device via the custom made app.

There are versions of App Gem for both Android phones and tablets and both can be used in conjunction with Tencent’s “iTunes of Android” system.

Visit Tencent App Gem Here.


6. GetJar

While Opera and Amazon offer clean and easy ways to navigate and get your apps on your Android device, GetJar offers a less user friendly and more cluttered approach to Android apps downloads. However that’s not to say GetJar is difficult to use, it just could be a lot simpler.
Like the other alternative app stores on the list, GetJar offers users to search and download popular applications, but unlike some of the others, this store also has a lot of unique hacks and apps developed by budding designers.

Visit the GetJar site here.


7. Wandoujia

Wandoujia is another platform claiming to be the ‘iTunes of Android’. Wandoujia is a PC desktop client which allows you to manage all the content on your Android tablet or phone, meaning you can sync your Android devices contacts, photos and movies.

Best of all is that Wandoujia will search a database of 3rd party Android markets and allow you to download apps from them, it will even let you know when updates are available too!

Visit Wandoujia here.


8. AppChina

AppChina have recently redesigned their whole network to give a more professional and unique experience Android apps download site and application. While a lot of popular Android apps can be found in the AppChina databases , you can also find a lot of cool lesser known indie apps from developers around China.

AppChina look to be going places too as they have already gained funding of $6 million! So keep an eye on this Android apps download solution in the future!

Visit AppChina here.


9. Handango

Handango is absolutely jam packed with free and discounted  Android applications making it one of the most better Android apps download sites around and a popular alternative Google’s Play store. A great resource for those looking for a way to download Android apps without the Android market.

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Download Handangou Android store here.


10. OnlyAndroid Superstore

Only Android Superstore is actually ran by Mobihand, who in turn actually run alternative application stores for a multitude of mobile operating systems, but this the Android store is easily the most popular. To start downloading from the Only Android Superstore, you will need to download their app first, which is very clean and easy to navigate. Again be watchful of what you download to avoid malware!

Download Only Android Superstore here.


11. D.cn Games Center

If you are looking for a clean and easy to use way Android apps download site for your phone or tablet without the official Android Play app store then D.cn Games Center could be the one for you!

As you would expect by the name many of the Android apps available on this alternative Android store are games, however they are also mostly free (but ad-supported) and have become the official partner to Rovio Mobile, which suggests this way how to download Android apps could be a little safer than other methods.

Visit D.cn Games Center here.


12. Insyde Market

Insyde Market is another alternative to Google’s Play Android store. Last time we visited they had a lot of free apps but as they grow more unique and indie applications will be made available.

Download Insyde Market here.


13. SlideME

SlideME was one of the first Android app store alternatives to launch, and as such has a rather full database of applications and games to choose from. Apps are listed by category and screen shots are provided so you get a good idea of what you are downloading.

Download the SlideME Android app store here.


14. Gfan

Gfan started life as a forum or BBS for Chinese Android fans to share tip, hacks and of course Android applications. However as the site become more popular and more interest grew they have actually transformed the site in to a fully-fledged Android app store alternative.

Visit Gfan here.


15. HiAPK

HiAPK is a very popular app store in China, however like some other 3rd party Android app stores there are some hacked and pirated applications on here. While you might be rubbing your hands together at the prospect of free games and Android apps, keep in mind that pirated can also mean ‘malware infested’

Visit HiAPK here.


16. Anzhi (GoAPK)

Many of you with Chinese Android phones or tablets might already have this app store installed on your Android device. Like HiAPK there are many cracked or pirated apps available on the Anzhi store, but this hasn’t stopped this Android app store alternative cropping up on a number of Chinese Android devices as preinstalled software!

Visit AnZhi here.


17. YAAM Market

The YAAM market isn’t the most unique alternate store, but instead offers a solid simple way of getting applications on your device. Apps are grouped in to either ‘Free’ or ‘Paid’ with a further filter separating Apps, Games and Updates. We’ve not used YAAM in a while, but last time we did there was only a limited selection of Android applications available.

Download the YAAM Android market here.


18. Taobao App Market

Taobao are very new to the Android app market world, but with their huge audience and their own payment system (Alipay) they could easily become one of the largest alternative Android app markets available.

Visit Taobao App Market here.


19. N-Duo Market

N-Duo market is another new comer but unlike the multinational, billion dollar set up that is the Taobao App Market this is a start-up.

As such the selection isn’t huge, but they do have a great designer and easy to use sections which include Android apps specifically for Android tablets.

Visti N-Duo market here.


20. Google Chrome!

Ok perhaps you have tried all the above alternative Android app stores but you still can only find the app you are looking fro in the official Google Android Play store, then what?

We’ll you could always download APK Downloader which is a Google Chrome extension which will allow you to download Android apps to your PC directly from the official Android market then install the apps on your Android phone or tablet manually!


I hope you found this list of ways how to download Android apps useful, please feel free to report any errors, broken links or even your own personal favorite alternative Android app stores in the comments below.


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  • ThinkOutSideTheBox

    I noticed that some of these app stores are In Chinese. Will these app stores also work on USA Tablets? Also, can these apps be converted to English when downloading them? Thanks

    • Lindsey

      ThinkOutside-I downloaded 3 apps off baidu, which is all Chinese but easy to figure out, and only one was in Chinese. I had to uninstall it, but the other two are in English and work just fine. 🙂

  • aishah

    Its ok but there should be some more better games and apps! And shall be some up dates to what’s new and what’s not.

  • Ruben

    Your personal favorite, Pandaapp, is most horrible! It will open a new tab with spam for every mouseclick! How the f**k can you promote crap like that?

  • Amy

    I had same problem, then I found this nice site: http://roboapk.blogspot.com/.
    It took my problems away.

  • Rupam

    MAN!!! U ROCK!!! Your personal favourite is truly awesome! The new links provided by them are working without inconvenience… Thanks 4 sharing.
    PANDAAPP RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think AppsApk.com is one of the best play store alternative site.
    But nice to see a huge collection here 🙂

  • ashi

    me i like

  • Markoff

    I am using CoolMarket (coolapk.com), which has it’s own app almost fully localized into English and nice selection of newest software, no need any registration, nice download speed here in China

  • Nash

    Can you xplain how to install apk downloader from google chrome extension to android.. Is there any link or how you know it works.. Explain from top to botttom..

  • Lindsey

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! I had been trying to find a way to install a particular app for two days before I found this page! You are a lifesaver!!!! 🙂

  • Ribeiro

    I’ve been searching for independent app stores too and I found Aptoide to be a great alternative to Google Play and Amazon, once in my case I have the Kindle Fire HD and this seems to be the only option to download apps in my country.

  • Ray

    I definitely want to download some of these apps but I’m just wondering, if I download an app from one of these sites, will I be able to purchase in-app attachments too?

  • Neeraj Bansal

    I think Getjar is good alternative, I am using Getjar since 7 years (initially for my sony ericson W 810i, it always help me.)

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  • hemanti

    try Instafusion Image Blender app…..it has a very easy and beautiful interface…

  • Marica Pan

    I’m using TorrApk. It’s free and its support is so good!
    If you are a developer can also create your developer account and upload your apps.

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  • Ahmed Imran

    you can not download games in english version from all these applications, they only provide games in chinese language….What a pity…Google play store is also not accessible any more in china so its really hard to install large games with catches manually…so from gaming point of view these all sites are no use…!

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  • can you show me link download google play store for my samsung

    • you can download on Apkmirror for best version

  • you missed to mention http://andropps.us

  • Another site that i have been using http://apk-searcher.blogspot.com/ . Fast site without ads.

  • You should also include http://appspcstore.com