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Recently, Qualcomm and Tencent said they will cooperate on some projects, including the joint development 5G gaming phones. Qualcomm is the largest smartphone chip supplier …

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pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile which is one of the very famous current battle royale titles was unapproved by the Chinese government and thus has been shut down …

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BrandZ released today another chart containing Top 100 most valuable Chinese Brands. The list in question shows that Alibaba, the big conglomerate behind Aliexpress, was …

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The Chinese conglomerate Tencent and the American-based Hardware OEM Razer have announced a collaboration wherein the two companies will work together to improve the gaming …

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It’s reported, Asus has been negotiating with Tencent in order to release a gaming smart machine, which as you guess, will support Tencent games optimization. …

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Trade issues between the US and China have been in existence for a very long time. However, the two nations are trying to manage the …

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All the fuss regarding the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 will end on the 19th of July when this phablet will be launched. In all honesty, …

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The ban of Chinese company, ZTE, from dealing with products from the United States is quite unfortunate but it has shown the Chinese their weaknesses. Chairman …

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Currently, WeChat is the most used messaging app in the world, with about 980 million of active users around the Globe. Worth to mention the …

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The Blade Box, a gaming console based on the TGP Box (Tencent Games Platform) is under preparation by Chinese giants Tencent and Haier.

tencent folding selfie drone

China’s Tencent tech giant are working on a foldable drone designed for taking aerial selfies and controlled from your smartphone.

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China’s most popular social networking/messaging app aka WeChat today announced that the multi-utility app would allow ‘official accounts’ to advertise on the platform.

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Meizu are slowly clawing their way back in to the hearts and minds of Android phone fans, with new rumours, international launches and partnerships which may hint at a CyanogenMod future!

If you are a Mac user (like me) and have been waiting for a simple way to installer CyanogenMod on your Android device then get ready to rejoice as the CyanogenMod installer for Mac is now available!

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Tencent, developers of popular messaging app WeChat, are on their way to releasing the WeChat TV, a smart TV which integrates with your WeChat account.

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Cyanoogen are having an amazing year, they launched as a company teamed up with Oppo and have now received an additional $23 million in funding which could mean more Chinese CyanogenMod phones are on the way.

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Konka are well-known in China for their persuedo Nokia logo and their low-cost TV’s. They have also dabbled in the cheap phone market but now …

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Are you looking for an alternative Android apps download site or resource for your Chinese phone or tablet!?  Well you’re in luck because this is the …

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If you are like a good friend of mine, and refuse to admit that Apple actually make some great products, and continue to laugh at …

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