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Black Shark

Black Shark 2

We are only a week away from the offical presentation of the new Black Shark 2 Pro. But new rumors are coming up about the …

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Xiaomi Black Shark 5G

Black Shark is one of the subsidiaries created by Xiaomi. Designed to launch high-end smartphones aimed at the gaming world. To date, 3 smartphones have …

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Xiaomi Black Shark 5G

In recent days, while we were discussing the leaked information about the upcoming Black Shark 2 smartphone and guessing when it will hit the market, …

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black shark 2 details

The Xiaomi-backed Black Shark has received global attention for its gaming devices. The successor to its current flagship line, the Black Shark 2 is anticipated …

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black shark india

Xiaomi-backed gaming brand Black Shark has announced its coming to India very soon. Their devices have grabbed a lot of attention in the past year …

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