15 Ways to Install Android Apps Without the Android Market!

how to install android apps no market,alternative android app markets,free android downloadsYou know what is really annoying? Buying an Android tablet only to find that there is no simple way to download application for it! Actually, even more annoying is having an Android tablet which features the Android Market, but only allows you to download those lack luster free apps!

If you have found yourself in this situation don’t worry, don’t throw your tablet down and stamp on it, and don’t throw your device in the local pond out of frustration (well you can if you have Fujitsu Arrows tablet).
What you should do is get a glass of your favorite beverage (mines a nice coffee if anyone is offering), fire up your tablet’s browser and take a look at our list of top Android market alternatives!

The stores and alternatives we have listed below don’t represent all the possible routes you can get apps on your Android device, so it you know of any other ways please feel free to add them to the comments section below.

Also, be aware that some of these market may not be as respectful to copyright laws as they should, and you could well end up illegally copied paid for applications for free! And you wouldn’t want that would you….?

best android application store alternatives

Top Android Market Alternatives 2012!

1. Amazon App Store

The Amazon version of the Android store should be on your tablet regardless, as Amazon frequently offer cheaper prices than those found on Google’s version, with some paid for apps even offered for FREE for limited times!
To get the Amazon App Store on your device, head to the official Amazon App store page and follow their instructions.

Download the Amazon app store for Android

2. Pandaapp

This is my personal fave and has either a web based side or desktop client, which features all the top Android downloads including games!
Again you may find a lot of cracked or pirated apps here so download at your own risk.

Visit the Pandaapp website here.

3. Opera Mobile App Store

I didn’t even know Opera had their own version of the Android app store! But they do and it is fantastic! Like Amazon, the Opera Mobile App store frequently offers discounted applications with some huge savings.
The interface and overall look of the Opera store is very easy to flick through and operate too, it may even be easier to find apps here than it is on the official Google version!

Download the Opera Mobile App Store here.

4. MIUI.com

MIUI are the people who made headlines a few weeks ago with announcement of the Xiaomi Android smartphone.
There website has a forum where Xiaomi fans are able to download and share applications together, again be wary of malware.

Visit the MIUI forum here.

5. GetJar

While Opera and Amazon offer clean and easy ways to navigate and get your apps on your Android device, GetJar offers a less user friendly and more cluttered approach. However that’s not to say GetJar is difficult to use, it just could be a lot simpler.
Like the other alternative app stores on the list, GetJar offers users to search and download popular applications, but unlike some of the others, this store also has a lot of unique hacks and apps developed by budding designers.

Visit the GetJar site here.

6. Andappstore

Andappstore is visually very basic, but the plain looking UI doesn’t deter from the fact that this lightweight store can get apps on your tablet!
Andappstore also lacks in the content compared to other stores and you may find some of the games or applications you are looking for aren’t listed, but it’s well worth a look anyway.

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Visit AndAppstore here.

how to get free apps for your android device7. Wandoujia

Touting itself as the ‘iTunes of Android’ Wandoujia is a PC desktop client which allows you to manage all the content on your Android tablet or phone. Music, movies, contacts and applications can all be backed up and rearranged through the client.
Best of all is that Wandoujia will search a database of 3rd party Android markets and allow you to download apps from them, it will even let you know when updates are available too!

Visit Wandoujia here.

8. Handango

Handango is absolutely jam packed with free of discounted applications! While free and discounted could also equal, low quality or even junk, the majority of app available from this browser based app store are actually pretty good!

Download Handangou Android store here.

9. OnlyAndroid Superstore

Only Android Superstore is actually ran by Mobihand, who in turn actually run alternative application stores for a multitude of mobile operating systems. To start downloading from the Only Android Superstore, you will need to download their app first, which is very clean and easy to navigate.

Download Only Android Superstore here.

10. GFan Forum

Not an App or client but an actual web forum where Android users can share and distribute applications. While you might be rubbing your hands together at the prospect of downloading some free pirated apps, be warned that some may be filled with malware.
You have been warned.

Visit the Gfan forum here.

11. Insyde Market

Insyde Market is a fairly new place to get your Android app fix. Due to the age of the your store you will be limited mostly to a choice of free apps, however they have just started to accept paid for apps from developers.

Download Insyde Market here.

12. Appoke

Appoke has one of the better looking interfaces from this list which make search and discovery all the enjoyable and user friendly.
Appoke allows you to either install their store directly to you Android device, or download from their website, but which ever you choose you may need to sign up for a user account.

Download the Appoke Android store here.

13. SlideME

SlideME was one of the first Android app store alternatives to launch, and as such has a rather full database of applications and games to choose from. Apps are listed by category and screen shots are provided so you get a good idea of what you are downloading.

Download the SlideME Android app store here.

14. YAAM Market

The YAAM market isn’t the most unique alternate store, but instead offers a solid simple way of getting applications on your device. Apps are grouped in to either ‘Free’ or ‘Paid’ with a further filter separating Apps, Games and Updates.

Download the YAAM Android market here.

15. Android OS Tablets

Another way to get games and applications on your non Android market supported devices is heading to AndroidOS Tablets on a regular basis.

There are many more Android Store Alternatives!

Although we have only listed 15 alternative Android app markets here on our list, there are many many more available out there across the internet for you to choose, and we will add them to this list or to a new list as and when we come across them.

In the meantime, feel free to add your own alternative Android application store suggestions in the comments section below.

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