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Archos have been in the Android Tablet game for a while now, and they make some extremely competitive machines. Here’s the low down on the 5 most popular devices in the Archos Android Tablet line up with pricing details.

Archos 101 Android Tablet

The Archos 101 is going to the machine which catches most of the lime light due to it’s 10 inch form factor and iPad beating hardware specs; front facing VGA camera, 1x USB, HDMI out, SD card reader and a lighter weight than the Apple tablet(only 480g).
The operating system is Android 2.2 which is sure to be a wicked performer thanks to the ARM Cortex dual core 1Gh/z processor.
A 10.1 inch capacitive screen gets and resolution of 1024 x 600 resolution, and supports multi-touch and can happily handle 720 HD playback.
Prices start at $299 for the 8Gb model and rise to $349 for the 16Gb.
Archos 70

The Archos 70 has a similar spec to the 101, such as the 1Ghz Arm Cortex, 3D graphics, Android 2.2, 720 HD playback…..e.t.c But it comes in a smaller 7” package. The most surprising feature of the Archos 70 Android Tablet is the the choice of internal storage. A traditional 8Gb of NAND Flash storage is offered at nice $249 price point, but there is also an option for a 250Gb hard-drive option for $50 more. The huge storage is going to really attract a few shoppers, but remember that larger motor driven hard-drive is going to not only weigh more but is also going to be slow to start up and load when compared to the Flash model and will probably whisk though it’s battery life faster.

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Archos 43

The 43 is pretty much the iPod Touch (or Galaxy Player) of the Archos line, only with a much larger 4.3 inch screen.
Again the specification follows the Archos 70 and 101 Android tablets with Android 2.2 OS, an ARM Cortex 1Ghz CPU and a multi-touch capacitive screen.
8GB and 16GB NAND Flash models are available with pricing for the 16Gb being a bargain $199.

Archos 32-28

The Archos 32 and 28 are both tiny little Android machines and as such can’t really be classed as Tablets. They both run Android 2,2 and get pretty nippy 800Mhz CPU’s, but the size of their multi-touch capacitive screens makes them a little redundant for productivity uses but perfect for multimedia use.
The Archos 32 costs around $149 where as the Archos 28 is a bargain $99.

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