White iPhone 4 Hands On!

iPhone rumors are hotting up with people trying to guess what Apple will bring out next. Will Apple bring out a new iPhone 5? Will there be a new iPhone Pro? Will the new iPhone actually be a budget iPhone Nano? Will the white iPhone 4 ever launch? We will have to wait a few months for someone to leave one on a bar stool before we can answer any of these questions, but if you were to ask ‘Where can I buy a genuine White iPhone 4 now?’ we can gladly answer you and give you directions, that’s if you happen to be in Qingdao, China and have 6100 Yuan ($925) burning a hole in your pocket!

More details and photos after the break!

While doing our weekly rounds at the local ‘Phone City’ we came across this genuine White iPhone 4 for sale! This is the first real white iPhone 4 we’ve actually managed to touch, and we can tell you that…….. it’s exactly the same as the black one except…… it is white!

The vendor claimed it was a new model, but judging by the smears and the bit of dirt caught under the screen guard we’d hazard a guess that it’s spent more than a little time in someones pocket.

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