10 inch Wopad Android Tablet Hits The Market

10 inch wopad android tabletWith news of big companies like Motorola, LG and HTC making a splash in the Android tablet market place, it’s been easy to get a bit mixed up in the excitement and forget about the lesser known Chinese tablets available.
China was and still is the place to go if you want a budget Android tablet, but in the past few months there have been some rather exciting products coming from the manufacturing powerhouse.

One such tablet was the Wopad. A 7 inch tablet for less than $120 with a capacitive screen and Android 2.1. Obviously with the more advanced capacitive touch screen and great price the Wopad became quite popular, and now it’s been joined by a larger, 10 inch brother.
10 inch wopad android tablet
The 10” version of the Wopad is again equipped with a capacitive touch screen, but this time around a 10 inch unit (1024 x 600), the upgraded don’t end there though as the new Wopad also gets 512mb RAM, a Infortmic ARM 11 1Ghz CPU and 4Gb of Nand Flash storage as well as an SD card reader.
10 inch wopad android tablet
Some other excellent touches are the built in GPS, Android 2.2 operating system and a monster 6400 mAh battery!

There’s also a huge array of plugs and controls making the 10” Wopad a true netbook replacement.

Best of all though is the price which comes in at less than $200!

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Via: Micdigi

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