When Is a HD Camera Not Good Enough?!

Seems like a pretty odd question really, surely a camera capable of recording HD video will provide crisp and clear images for all but the uber professional…. shouldn’t it?
The iPad 2 was announced last week and after a years worth of lobbying from consumers Apple finally caved in and added not just one but 2 cameras. The front being a VGA unit designed for video chat, while the rear camera is touted as a HD camera capable of 720p video recording.
But, what about for stills? What if you were to use the iPad 2 (or iPod Touch 4 for that matter) as a point and shoot camera?

You would be pretty disappointed thats what! While the HD camera on the iPad 2 is a very competent video camera, it is less than perfect as a regular camera. In fact we would go as far to say the image quality would be way below average even when compared to a cheap smart-phone sporting a 2 mega-pixel camera.
The reason for this being the camera on the iPad 2 is only a 0.7 mega-pixel unit! Less than 1 mega-pixel! This makes for a very grainy image! and that’s even before you attempt to zoom in to take a look at the details in your pictures (if your lucky to capture any detail that is!)

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When you compare this to the Xoom and Samsung’s 10 inch tablet the camera spec is way behind the competition, that’s not even including the LG Optimus Pad which is capable of 3D video and image capture!

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Another chink in the armor against the iPad 2 then, let’s see how things look once the reviews are out!

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