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After seeing innumerable ‘mini’ versions of flagship devices with specs far from what we deem powerful, we’re finally beginning to see OEMs pay heed to the consumers demand for more powerful mini devices.

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In the eyes of consumers, Google owned Motorola Mobility is doing very well, but a quick look at their balance sheet shows they are in fact far from a healthy company, which could be why rumours of an acquisition by Lenovo have stirred up.

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Asus launches a range of affordable smartphones under the Asus Zenfone range at this year’s CES.

The NSA has been spying on Chinese Manufacturer Huawei since at least 2008, after the U.S. Government had accused Huawei of doing the same thing multiple times.

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ASUS has announced that it has released the PadFone Mini in Taiwan, with plans to bring the device (devices?) to mainland China, Singapore, Russia, Hong Kong and Indonesia eventually.

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Korean phone developer Pantech is continuing to bet that consumers want to keep what is on their phone private

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A Taiwanese market research report claims that Xiaomi phones now rank 5th most popular in China ahead of HTC.

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Chinese phone maker Mogu have announced it plans to launch the world’s cheapest 5-inch Android phablet priced at just 299 Yuan ($48)! 5-inch Android smartphones …

You may know Vizio from two years ago when they announced at CES to release the Vizio phone, an android phone that slowly died to …

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In the old days (i.e. as recently as 2009), in most markets mobile carriers belligerently locked their phones so you couldn’t use the devices you paid for …

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While Chinese phone companies are busy forging ahead creating some of the best performing Android phones on the planet there is one important feature each …

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Rockchip’s beautiful W7 mini iPad clone hits the market. Running Android and supporting most video formats, the W7 would make a great alternative to the iPod Touch range.

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Sharp might not be at the forefront of consumer electronics in a consumers mind, but the Japanese manufacturer produce some of the best touch screens …

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Nokia once made phones everyone and their mother wanted to own. Their combination of great styling, solid construction and relatively low price ensured we all …

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  A new government funded iPhone app which is offering free condoms to it’s users is struggling to take off in China, as the those …

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1.5 million Chinese Apple fans commented on Steve Jobs’ retirement yesterday afternoon on Sina’s Weibo (Twitter), 20% of which say they’ll never buy an Apple …

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Google just announced that it is acquiring Motorola. Full details after the jump!

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Motorola have recently been showing off their huge losses for the year, while also proudly(?) stating that they have managed to ship a lackluster 250,000 …

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Google’s Andy Rubin has come to the rescue of all those expect consumers and developers confirming that Android 3.0 Honeycomb will in fact become once …

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