Huawei Spied on by U.S. Government, Not the Otherway Around

After years of the United States government complaining that Huawei may be complicit in Chinese spying on United States corporations and government, it has been revealed that the NSA has actually been installing its own spyware on Huawei devices sold in the United States.

A report by German paper Der Spiegelciting documents revealed at the Chaos Communications Congress in Hamburg last week, allege that the National Security Association (NSA) has been installing spyware in major manufacturers’ firewall hardware since at least 2008. Huawei was among other hardware manufacturers targeted by the NSA, including its chief competitor, the American based Cisco Systems. The report also mentions that many consumer electronics, including iPhones and home computers, were affected by the NSA’s spying program.

According to the documents, the NSA would target devices after consumers and companies ordered them online. The NSA would intercept the hardware while it was in transit to the consumer, secretly install spyware it could later exploit and then ship them to the consumer before they noticed anything was amiss.

Many of the products listed in the documents are no longer being sold, but there were other products listed that had not yet been cracked and had notes listing progress being made in hacking them, implying the the project continued after 2008.

What do you think about the NSA spying on Huawei after accusing it of doing the same thing?


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