Low cost 4G Chinese phones won’t be available anytime soon!

While Chinese phone companies are busy forging ahead creating some of the best performing Android phones on the planet there is one important feature each of them lacks and that is 4G, and unfortunately this isn’t coming soon.

Low cost Chinese phones come in all shapes, sizes and specifications! If you want a cheap large screen phone you can get one, dual-core? no problem, quad-core? no sweat! 12 mega-pixel cameras? China has you covered! 4G LTE…… nope sorry.

The main reason Chinese phone companies are not yet building low-cost 4G enabled Android smart phones is due to the fact 4G networks are not widely available in China yet and judging by the latest news we still have some wait ahead of us!

While Hong Kong have had super fast 4G since April, and provinces in the south have experimented with 4G equipped buses, there is still no commercially available 4G network for consumers to use, even though the money, drive and infrastructure is all just sitting there collecting dust!

It is not clear why China’s 4G hasn’t been but Miao Wei  head of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), told reporters yesterday that it won’t be coming soon and there will be a wait ahead!

So with no 4G network local Chinese phone companies such as JiaYu, Amoi, Meizu and Xiaomi won’t be entering the 4G market with low-cost Chinese phones anytime soon!


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