Win A Zopo ZP900 Leader 5.3 inch MT6577 Android Phone!

Win A Zopo ZP900 Leader 5.3 inch MT6577 Android Phone!


If you have been following Gizchina over the past month you will have no doubt seen that ZopoMobileShop had sent us a Zopo ZP900 Leader and we have been putting together an in-depth 4 part review! Well the review is over and here is your chance to win this fantastic 5.3 inch, dual-core phone!

The Zopo Zp900 Leader is a 5.3 inch Android phone from Chinese brand Zopo. The model which ZopoMobileZhop sent us for review and this competition features a 5.3 inch LG screen, dual-core MediaTek MTk Mt6577 CPU, 1GB RAM and an 8 mega-pixel camera.

I’ve been putting the ZP900 Leader through its paces this past month and I have to say I am well and truly impressed by this great value $299.99 Android phone, and I am honestly a little reluctant to give it away! However I have promised ZopoMobileShop I will give the ZP900 away to one of GizChina’s lucky reader and this is what I intend to do!


Zopo ZP900 Leader Review

Before you enter my simple competition you might want to spend sometime going over all 4 parts of the Zopo ZP900 Leader review below:


Win a Zopo ZP900 Leader!

So on to the competition!

Entering and winning the superb Zopo ZP900 Leader MT6577 dual-core 5.3 inch phone couldn’t be any easier just follow the steps below:

  1. Below there is a blue box with sharing options. Choose one (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc) and share the competition link with your friends and family.
  2. A new link to the competition page will be available to you now. Click on it.
  3. Head over to the competition page, answer the question with your name and email address and hit send!
  4. You’re all done! Now you will have to hold tight until Friday evening when we will be announcing the winner! Good Luck!


[viral-download file1=”” name1=”Win a Zopo ZP00 Leader Android Phone here!” url=”” message=”Please share this competition with your friends and family before entering!” tweet=”I’ve just entered a comp to win a 5.3 inch Zopo phone @Gizchina” thankyou=”Thanks for entering and good luck!”/]

Good luck and if you have any questions let me know! And don’t forget to head over to ZopoMobileShop to say ‘hi’

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  • a1g12

    wow, definetelly entering..
    been reading for a while now without putting any comment,..

    • @a1g12 thanks for the comment and good luck 🙂

  • ivan

    entered 🙂 done

  • Ramones

    Well its hard to get the Jiayu G3 now, soo why not entering for winning this phone he 😀 haha

    Thanks andi/Zopomobileshop 🙂

  • Milind

    wow..was waiting thanks andi and zopomobileshop 🙂

  • Sarfraz Ansari

    Lets see, i m lucky or not…lol

  • ThinkOutsideTheBox

    Hey! I just entered the contest. Good Luck to whoever wins!!

  • Sarfraz

    Trying my luck… 🙂

  • Mohsin

    Jus shared on G+ where i follow ur posts 🙂 hope i win, if i do this would be my first android <3 thanks Andi and zoppomobileshop for this opportunity to win this splendid phone, cheers!! 🙂

  • Geodex

    Yes now that I have entered all of you should quit.

    Haven’t won anything before you guys should all support me… lol

  • Metanastis

    Good work Andi, keep it up! 🙂 Good luck to everyone!

  • Paul

    My fiance and I just entered the contest. Hopefully we have the pleasure to snatch this away from you Andi. Goodluck to everyone. Thank you Andi of and for the opportunity to win this Zopo zp900. keeping our fingers crossed 🙂 . Also andi pls do send the pw for the forum, for I have not recieved it yet. cheers

  • Ramones


    i have the same as Paul said, no PW for forum..

    you said i must contact you, but didnt got the pw yet ..

    would like to post on your forum so 😀

    • @Ramones @Paul passwords in your email just sent them now 🙂

  • RobertNL

    Great did enter the contest! May the most lucky user win!

  • John Morgan

    I hope I win it.

  • Mohsin

    Hey Andi, its me again, i shared this page on G+ and twitter but i didn’t get the link to the competition page 🙁 could you pls provide dat link to me

    • @Mohsin which browser are you using? FF, Chrome and Safari all work maybe there is a problem with IE? Once you share the link the page will refresh and a link will be in the place of the share box.

  • Koko

    I share this competition with all of my social account.

    Good luck everyone 😛

    • @Koko good luck to you too!

  • farookb4u

    i shared it on twitter, g+, n.fb bt didnt get any link andi! hw to enter the race! plz help!!

    • @farookb4u once you share it the page should refresh and a link will be where the blue box was. If you able to share the link again it hasn’t worked. Perhaps try Safari, Chrome or FF as I know it works in these browsers. Good Luck!

  • raby

    Like this giveaway 🙂
    Andi any news on the network license for jiayu ??

    • @Raby no news yet but I’ll post something as soon as I find out:) Good Luck

  • Daniel

    The incredibly difficult question has been answered 😛 HOping to win 🙂

    ( who do I email for bribes? )

  • psilo110

    the last contest I won, the USPS stole my prize. Hopefully I have better luck with this one… thnx GizChina & ZopoMobileShop!

  • Freeje

    Waaa! I only have Twitter and it’s blocked!

  • Rianto

    Shared on G+. I hope winning this, who knows maybe goddess of luck smile at me. Thanks Andi and ZopoMobileShop.

  • Mohsin

    I’m using opera mini on my w910i 🙁 no wonder it didn’t work, k i’ll try frm my friends pc, thanks 🙂

  • anand

    please no biasing.. just random draw… let’s see who got the luck

    • @anand don’t worry I plan on putting all the entries in an excel then covering my eyes and throwing a dart at my screen 😉

  • farookb4u

    i tried from pc used ie n ff but failed to get tge link! used twitter, facebook n google+ posts got posted but didnt get the link! let me try from google chrome as ANDY said!!

    • @farookb4u I see you have got it working now great! But I can only accept one entry per person 😉

  • Smad

    I also entered, exited about the contest, but do not mind somebody else winning it, i hope the somebody is me :).

    Since I started looking for a decent dual sim phone, Gizchina is the website from where I am getting all the info that I needed. I came to know about Jiayu G3 from the article “6 Top Chinese Phones You Should Buy Instead of the iPhone 5!”. since then I am a regular reader here at GizChina.

  • Richard

    Hi Andi! What’s the cutoff date for entering? I just entered today. Hope I wasn’t late.

  • tony5664

    hi Andi. know this site since jiayu G3 and been a silent reader all this time.
    it’s great what you’re doing here and i just decided and entered the race just now. still waiting for the G3 but what the heck. i’ll just try my luck though i never had any with lottery like this.
    anyway, keep doing this good thing you’re doing here. thx

  • Great competition..Just finished telling all my friends to try this!!! I really hope i win this..HE knows i want it so badly..wish me luck and may the best and luckiest man/woman alive win this superb zopo phone

  • farookb4u

    sry andi.. i was not gettin confirmation.. so i tried with difrent names.. entered the competition i think.. nw il tel my gf also to enter.. lets c.. fingers crosed..

  • Louis0121

    Hi Andi.
    I’ve been lurking about here waiting on news re: the JiaYu G3.I’m coming to the end of my contract on Orange here in the UK so hoping to pick one of these up with a PAYG sim.
    Competition entered and shared om g+.
    Great site by way very informative.

  • Geodex

    Firs thread not Jiayu related we’ve got many comments. Hehe

    • @Geodex haha yup but it’s still miles behind 🙂

  • YaPeL

    who won?

  • Paul

    @Andi Dont go breaking your screen, by throwing a dart at the scree, but if you decide to pls. video it and upload \m/ d-.-b\m/ Suggestion print the xl and cut it its tedious but youll save yourself from buying a new screen. Or just ask some random person u know to point on a name.

  • Tim Chaikhraziev

    LOL I just broke my X-310 Titan MTK 6575 today. Tried re-soldering components, but to no avail. I’ll be ordering the G3 as soon as they start shipping it… I’ve been waiting for months and now that my phone is K.I.A. I need a new one asap. Hope I’ll luck out with the ZopoMobileShop contest!

  • Teogenes L. Barcenilla-II

    I want to get informed with giz-china technologies.

  • wow this is great your review is so detailed & informative…
    i also join the contest.. im now one of your followers as I like Android Powered gadgets a lot

  • Downstar

    Thanks andi

    now logged in with my account, works great!


    • @Downstar great 🙂

  • Alexander Fischetti

    All I have to say is thank you for this website. I’m fascinated with China and love reading up on tech news! Keep up the fantastic work Andi. Thanks to you I’ll be buying the pipo tablet. Good luck to all!

    • @Alexander Fishetti glad you’re enjoying the site 🙂 Don’t forget to use the discount code when ordering your Pipo tablet 🙂

  • I hope I win it.

  • farookb4u

    one more day to gooo.. fingers crossed..!! wish me gud luck!!

  • I hope i will be able to win this phone i follow all of you this month please god let me win

  • nick

    so who won?

  • milind

    this mobile can be available cash on delivery in mumbai

  • john rosales

    this phone a dream come true for heavy gamer and photographer enthusiast wannabe’s like myself .. cheers to the mind’s behind this dream gadget of 2013