Part 3 Zopo ZP900 Leader Review: Design, Apps and Video!

Part 3 is finally here and in this section of the Zopo ZP900 review I’ll be covering the overall design the installed software and the video capture capabilities!

For those of you who want to get down to the performance of the Zopo ZP900 and see some gaming videos then you will have to wait until part 4 of the review, where I will also attempt to answer as many of your questions as I possibly can!

If you have managed to miss parts 1 and 2 of the Zopo ZP900 review you can check them out here:

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Zopo ZP900 Leader Design

When I first opened the box and got to see the Zopo ZP900 Leader in the flesh I was pretty blown away by the size of it.

zopo zp900 leader review design

This phone is big, but still manages to be comfortable in your hand (at least it does when you have gotten use to it).

The body of the phone is very smooth and has a high quality dark blue coating on it which seems to be very hard wearing and will likely stand the test of time.


The Front

zopo zp900 leader screen

The front of the Zopo Zp900 Leader is dominated by it’s huge screen, just above that we have a silver speaker grill and the front facing camera sits just to the right of it.

zopo zp900 front facing camera

Then to the right of the front camera there are is the light sensor which is used to dim the screen while making a phone call, and also automatically adjust brightness, when automatic brigtness is chosen in the options.

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zopo zp900 leader home button

Below the screen is a rather large ‘home’ button with the option and back buttons sitting either side of it.

As you can see from the photos the home buttons is a physical button while the buttons for menu and home are capacative.

zopo zp900 leader design 2

In my opinion the ZP900 Leader looks great from the front and doesn’t suffer from the over large ‘chin’ area some Android phones tend to have.


The Back

Looking at the Zopo ZP900 Leader from the back and we get to see the excellent dark blue covering which seems to be hard wearing and also looks rather classy.

zopo zp900 leader back

Towards the top and in middle of the phone an 8 mega-pixel rear camera with dual LED flash protrude slightly from the main body, I’m not sure if this is done for style or function, but again I personally like it (much like I do on the HTC One phone and Xiaomi M1s).

As for the rest of the back we don’t have much other than the ZOPO logo and an external speaker grill on the bottom right.

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