• Owen

    Do you know where I can buy it?

  • Mark

    It doesn’t exist, and as far as I know the MediaTek quad processor isn’t due till next year.

    • PianoMaster2012

      October 25th 2012…..

  • Calvin

    @Mark: You are correct that the MTK6588 is out next year, however indications are that the GooPhone i5 is using a Tegra 3.

  • Geodex

    Haha gotto love some Chinese Clones.

    Apple will be really butt hurt they can’t touch them.

    Maybe they go pay customs to inspect Goophone products and seize them overseas.

  • Amby

    With an apple logo and iphone written at the lower back portion of the phone , its gonna be difficult for this phone to pass through the customs of most of the western (at least EU) countries…

    • @Amby There will likely be a version without the Apple logo on too

  • broli

    Even if it doesn’t have the logo most EU countries are Apple’s bitch, they’ll seize it either way when it gets inspected.

  • cdn

    Will it work with T-Mobile in the USA?

  • Rohit Kumar

    these photos are 100% fake and of real iphone 5

    And it is avilable at ….
    -_- i’ll not tell you

  • Joe

    Now released at fastcardtech.com 🙂 its also got some cheaper versions with lower ram etc that arent worth the money but the tegra quad core version definitely is! 🙂

  • Lucas

    Hello, I want to know the GooPhone’s website and I need you do a post about the better fakes MacBooks (Air or Pro) cause I’m thinking to buy it. Thanks!

  • fadlisaad

    Look from the above photo, it is fake. just look at all three image, same background, only different is the phone image.