GooPhone i5 specification with Apple Logo and iOS 6 theme!

Chinese phone maker and iPhone knock off manufacturer GooPhone have released new details about their all new iPhone 5 clone, the GooPhone i5. Keep reading for more photos and info!

I reported earlier this week that the GooPhone i5 is already in the planning stages and mock ups of the phone had already appeared. At that time repors were suggesting that the GooPhone i5 would be more like a new GooPhone Y5 complete with single core MT6575 CPU and 3.5 inch screen, however new rumors are suggesting something much better.

goophone i5 with ios 6 theme android ics

Chinese media are now reporting that the GooPhone i5 will actually boast a specification much closer to that of the GooApple iPhone 5 clone which we have heard about, meaning that the GooPhone i5 iPhone 5 knock off could actually feature a quad-core CPU, 8-12 mega-pixel rear camera, 1GB RAM and a 4 inch display!

goophone i5 with apple logo

We also have these photos which claim to be of a mock GooPhone i5, showing that Chinese new iPhone clone will in fact have an Apple logo on the bark along with an iO6 theme over the Android ICS 4.0.4 OS!

black goophone i5 apple logo

I really hope that these new specifications turn out to be true! A quad-c0re, 1GB new iPhone 5 clone running Android ICS is just what the doctor ordered!

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