Blackberry Losses the Plot! Will Ship Playbook Sans 3G!

Tablets are awesome personal devices which we can carry and use anywhere, more so when they are equipped with pocket friendly 7 inch screens. So when we here that Blackberry will be shipping it’s Playbook without the one component that will make it truly portable we don’t know if we should reach for the smelling salts or a stiff drink!

The Blackberry Playbook has some innovative little features up it’s sleeve. It will run a custom version of the Blackberry OS, may possibly have the ability to run Android applications, is very pocketable and most importantly will come at a (reported) very attractive price.

The WIFI only model will ship later this month for around $399, where as the 3G model will be out….. well ….. it probably won’t be out!!!

Blackberry have been secretly very quiet about the connectivity it’s little tablet will ship with and while we know it will have WIFI, we also took it for granted 3G will be offered, however it turns out this won’t be the case!

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It also sounds like if you want to connect to WIFI or need to use 3G you will have to do so in conjunction via a Blackberry smartphone over a secure Bluetooth connection! While this may sound great for corporate users who need security most consumers won’t really worry about security as they will be using the Playbook for consuming content! Let’s not for get here the Blackberry tablet is named the Playbook not WorkflowBook!

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People buying a Playbook will more than likely want to play and enjoy their tablet experience, something which Blackberry won’t allow you to do unless you happen to have a Blackberry smartphone!

Seems to us that Blackberry may have just shot themselves in the foot, by locking down the very product that would have likely saved them from falling from grace!

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