iPad 2 Shortages Gives the Xoom a Chance to Zoom

Although the Xoom may have got off to a rather slow start must be a little disappointing for the mobile phone giant, but things might be brightening up and there is still a chance the Xoom will zoom off shelves.
The first bit of good news is that the big ship Apple and it’s iPad 2 has become so popular it’s actually in short supply which has come at exactly the right time (wrong time for Apple) for the WIFI only version of the Motorola Xoom to launch.

The WIFI only version of the Xoom is set to launch on March 27th, which gives Motorola plenty of time for the initial iPad 2 frenzy to die down, and also gives them a chance to collect the stragglers who weren’t fast enough to get an iPad 2 before it sold out.
Not only is the timing perfect but so is the price! The Xoom’s RRP is supposedly set at $599. While that price tag is still more than the iPad 2 which sells at $100 less, it is considerably cheaper than the 3G version of the Xoom which starts at closer to $800.
However, it is likely that most Xoom retailers will offer the WIFI only model at a lower introduction price of closer to $550.

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But thats not all that the WIFI Xoom has going for it! Unlike Apple who only have a few official distribution channels open for the iPad 2, Motorola have teamed up with a huge number of stores with huge networks that spread throughout the United States.
Costco, Amazon.com, RadioShack, Sam’s Club, Staples, Wal-Mart plus a whole host of smaller stores will all have the WIFI Xoom on sale by the end of the month!

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So while Apple may have one the battle the tablet war is far from over!

Will Motorola’s Xoom zoom off shelves? We’ll soon find out!

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