Amazon’s App Store Could Put You At Risk of Malware

To be fair any third party Android application store could potentially open the doors to malicious code, but due to the Amazon store hitting headlines this week with some great Application deals most are centering on them.

The problem with the Amazon store, as well as other third party stores is that before being able to install the custom store application you must allow a function in your Android devices settings.
The setting gives you the option to install applications from unknown sources and effectively increases the chances of your phone or tablet getting infected by some unhealthy code.

Experts in mobile security have warned that moving away from the official Google Android market and installing items from other store will increase the likelihood of malware, however we disagree to some extent.

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In the case of the Amazon store, Amazon have closely followed the Apple model for an application store by not only copying their branding, but by also closely scrutinizing applications before allowing them in the store. Compare this to the Android market which doesn’t check applications and you have a much strict ecosystem.

But, thats not to say that Amazon are fully covered from malware, and if they were to distribute infected application Amazon don’t have the remote ‘kill switch’ for removing application from consumers devices that Google has, which would mean those less tech savvy users might be at more risk than others.

Also Amazon’s store relies on users receiving URL’s via text messages to install application and for receiving updates. Such messages can be easily spoofed.

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When it comes to the crunch though a little common sense and keeping a close eye on user comments plus Amazons vetting of apps should be enough to keep most users safe.

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