An Android iPad Clone Straight Out of Shenzhen

Well well well what do we have here? It looks like an iPad, it’s the same size as an iPad, it has the same screen as the iPad! Is it an iPad? Nope it isn’t!
In actual fact this is one of those clever Chinese made Android tablets that has the distinct look of Apple’s tablets, but to call it a clone is would be unfair, as this Chinese made Android tablets comes with a few features which original iPad owners have been longing for!

Let’s start on the outside which is unmistakably inspired by the iPad. An alloy chassis, 9.7 inch screen and a big black bezel with single home button, but there are a few main differences between this model and the one made by Apple.

The sides of this tablet are peppered with goodies that Apple doesn’t offer. The black plastic top panel isn’t just there to improve Wi-Fi reception but actually removes to allow the expansion of memory through SD cards.

Then there are all those speakers!  4 in total and all offering stereo sound rather than the rather disappointing mono sound of the iPad.

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The main connector for this Android tablet is through a familiar looking 30 pin dock connection. This connector will allow you to transfer files, connect a keyboard or USB hard-rive/memory stick (via the supplied adapter) and also acts as the charging port.

On the hardware front we have some real surprises such as the genuine LG 9.7 inch capitative screen with IPS technology. This isn’t just a similar screen to the iPad’s but the actual same unit from the same manufacturer!

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There’s also a good chunk of RAM in here too, 512mb to be precise, and the main CPU is a Free-scale iMX515 unit clocked at 1Ghz which should give enough power to play games and stream Flash video.

Android 2.2 come installed, which although not tablet specific, has a lot more applications and developers behind it than the overhyped 3.0 system.

Speaking of Flash, but of the memory kind, we also get a nice 8Gb lump of onboard flash NAND storage, plus the SD card reader which will read up to 32Gb cards!

The battery is also a great surprise! Being a 7200mAh unit it should last you about 5-6 hours of continuos use!

There are no details on pricing yet but as soon as we get more details we will post them.
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Via: Shanzhaiben

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  1. May 17, 2011

    …No link to buy? Not even a name for the tablet? just a link to a Chinese-language article? How do we even know this is real? Cmon!