Relatives Offer Paper iPads and iPhones For QingMing Festival

QingMing is a national holiday in China where families visit their relatives burial places, clean the area and offer gifts.

This coming QingMing festival, which falls on April 5th, has families getting together and preparing gifts for their relatives made of paper. This year however the most popular paper and card offering are of Apple products including paper versions of the iPad , Macbook and iPhone 4!

Markets in Gaungzhou are selling packs of 2 paper iPhone or iPads for 6 Yuan (90 cents) or a single paper Mabook for the same price.

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The paper replica’s closely resemable the real version apart from a a few details, such as the memory on the iCards saying they have 888Gb, they even come with a paper USB plug for ‘charging’ and ‘syncing’!

Other popular paper offerings include luxury cars. LCD flat screen TV’s and even boats and famous bottle of Moutai Liquor!

A business lady selling the paper offering said:

“Customers want their dearly departed to be able to keep up with the latest in information technology (IT), besides the usual ‘luxury’ offerings of bungalows with maids and security guards, watches, designer bags and gold ingots. The ‘iPad’ even comes with a USB cable for charging and syncing,”

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