iPhone 4 Nano Hands On

This weekend we managed to get a quick go on the Lenovo Lepad, and it is actually pretty damn impressive!, We saw more white iPhone 4’s than we could shake a stick at and we also got to play with this wee little iPhone 4!

As you can probably guess from the blast from the past pixillation on the screen, this iPhone Nano isn’t the rumored budget iPhone we’ve been hearing about, but instead a Shanzhai made little phone.

I didn’t have a ruler or tape measure to get the exact dimensions, but this tiny little phone easily fits in to the palm of my hand.

The screen is a resistive touch unit and the OS is a iOS clone based on Java.

There is a rear camera which takes 1.3 mega-pixel photos, and there is what seems to be a front facing camera, although we didn’t manage to get the thing to turn on.

Price for this tiny little Shanzhai iPhone 4 Nano is about 380 Yuan ($58) but with a big of haggling we’re sure you could get one for less.

If you fancy getting your gigantic hands on an iPhone 4 Nano keep an eye open for our upcoming competition.

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