Forbes Doesn’t Like The Blackberry Playbook

It’s been a while since I read a gadget from a none tech website without cringing at their total lack of knowledge (I still think some writers haven’t heard of ‘Google’) but today I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed Quentin Hardy’s article about the Blackberry Playbook.

From the get go Hardy states that “This is not a gadget review” and jumps straight in to why the Blackberry tablet is so bad!

He first points out that the Playbook is pretty much useless unless you have a Blackberry phone to sync it with, and then goes through the agonizing process of setting the thing up for over an hour only to be thawed by the Blackberry’s ‘contempt’ for the user.

I wholeheartedly suggest you head over to Forbes and read the short but rather accurate article on the Playbook, especially if you are thinking of getting one for yourself!

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