Want An Overpriced, Thick and Hot Tablet?

While the majority of Chinese made Android tablets seem to be getting better hardware and design there are still some that just make us blink in astonishment and wonder ‘Why?’.

This 7 inch tablet from Shuoying Technology starts off with the tantalizing promise that it uses a 1Ghz Arm 11 based CPU! Sounds pretty good when you consider the iPad 2 is Arm 9 based, however it’s downhill from there!

That very snappy CPU is going to run rather hot in your lap when housed in a tiny plastic body, wow! Wait did I say tiny!

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Yes, it is thick and rather ugly looking from the side! But surely there must be a redeaming feature? The screen perhaps?

Unfortunately no it’s a 7 inch resisitive unit!

The price? No again this chubby tablet will set you back $180, if you buy them in bulk as an OEM product!

We don’t imagine they’ll sell many!

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Via: Micdigi

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