E-King Is the Thinnest Tablet PC and Can Boot 5 O.

world thinnest tablet pc windows 7 windows 8 android meego linux ubuntuTake this news with a large helping of salt if you like, but Shenzhen Guangxuntong Communication Technology, are claiming to have made the worlds thinnest tablet PC, and it will run 5 of the most popular operating systems available!

super thin dual boot tablet china
Super thin but no dimension specs as yet...fishy!

The E-King T9 uses a 1.5Ghz CPU with 2Gb ram to run the operating system of your choice.

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thinner than an ipad 2 windows 8
9.7 inch screen and front and rear cameras

In fact, according to the maker this super thin, dual camera tablet will run Windows 7, Windows 8, Android, Linux Ubuntu and Meego!

For more details head over to Androidostablets.com

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