What Happens If you take a Fake Mac to the Apple Geniuses?

fake macbook air and apple geniuses
These Apple Geniuses are happy to help the owner of a fake Macbook Air

Service with a smile, at least in China anyway!

When a lady in China started to experience problems with her white Macbook Air (alarm bells!) she took the trip in to town to visit the local Apple Geniuses. Unbeknown to the owner of the plastic Macbook Air it turned out her troublesome little computer was actually a knock-off, a clone Air, running OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

The Geniuses at the store seems to have been nice about it anyway, and even seem to be helping the lady out! With large friendly smiles no less!

As a social experiment I ask one of our readers to do the same in your own country with a fake Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad and see what happens.



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