Robot Made iPad 3 Coming This Fall with iPhone 5?

iphone 5 coming this fal ipad 3
Are Apple planning a dual launch of iPad 3 and iPhone 5?

Rumors about Apple breaking away from their traditional launch cycle have been floating about since before the iPad 2 surfaced, but the latest rumors suggest iPad 3 will launch this fall with iPhone 5 and Apple will discontinue iPad 2 soon after!

The rumors started up again over a possible Fall 2011 iPad 3 launch earlier this year, when Apple seemingly bit the hand that feeds them by suing Samsung. Apple claimed that Samsung had infringed on certain Apple patents in their Galaxy smartphone and tablets regarding icon design (of all things!).

The legal battle ended up with Apple moving to a Taiwanese manufacture of processors meaning that once Apple discontinues the iPad 2, iPod 4 and iPhone 4 and launch the Apple A6 CPU they will be free of Samsung (at least for their CPU’s).

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iPad 3 coming this september
iPad 3 could be coming this September along with iPod 5 and iPhone 5

This on it’s own might not be enough proof that iPad 3 is coming this Fall, but Foxconn’s recent announcement that it plans to invest in  robots for it’s factories, to replace human workers, might be a hint that a major  production run, possibly the iPad 3 is on the cards!

The latest piece of the puzzle comes from the Taiwan Economic News, which claims the iPad 2 is heading for a price slash to shift stock and make way for the iPad 3 launch this Fall. The newspaper claims a $100 discount will be offered on iPad 2’s just in the run up toward the September launch of iPad 3.

If the iPad 3 were to hit at the same time as the iPhone 5, iPod 5, iOS 5 and iCloud Apple will more than likely dominate the headlines and devices sales well in to next year, making it even harder for makers of Android devices to find a niche!

What do you think? Will Apple discontinue the iPad 2 to break ties with Samsung and launch a double whammy with the iPhone 5? Or is it all just stuff and nonsense?

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  1. Todd
    August 3, 2011

    Not a chance. I think yes on the Phone, but the iPad 3 will wait until spring. They have to have SOMETHING to release in the first two quarters of next year, or else we’d all get bored and venture into android world. Apple can only handle rolling out one big new device at a time anyway. Have you seen an apple store when a new device is released?? Example. Utah’s main Apple store can’t even get MacBook Airs with the i7 right now. The company would be slitting their own throats trying to roll out 3 new devices and scale a brand new highly technical cloud service to all of them at the same time. They’ll stick with what they have and add a new Phone this September. The rest will come within 6 months. I predict, Phone, Touch, NANO, and then iPad 3 by next April.

    • August 3, 2011

      Very good points! and I have to say it does sound a little unlikely that an iPad 3 would come out so soon after the 2. However, there is supposed to be at least one surprise launch this Fall from Apple, but what could it be if not an iPad 3? Perhaps iOS is going to bring apps to the Apple TV, are Apple dropping the iPod touch and replacing it with a budget iPhone? or is the iPod touch 5 going to be the surprise (as it does seem to be sitting on the back burner in most people’s minds).

  2. iMarc
    August 3, 2011

    There will be an iPad3 but it wont yet be entirely built by robots. Your own article says that “Foxconn plans to invest” in more robots. It’s naive to believe that Foxconn could just now buy and install robots in time for an iPad3 production run. Robot made or hand made we should see the new device by November.

    • August 3, 2011

      “There will be an iPad3” This Fall?

  3. Todd
    August 4, 2011

    Ah yes, the surprise device. The possibilities… Let’s write a quick article on that shall we?

    I think you are dead on with the Apple TV, and THAT will be the surprise. I came to the same conclusion. Hear me out.

    Its very likely that they are bringing apps to the Apple TV and keeping the iOS release synced with the other devices now. (August 1, 2011 brought them to 4.3, magic) Apple has activated the bluetooth portion of the wireless card for the first time now, well sort of (at least for development). Could it mean they’ll be bringing the BT keyboard and mouse over to introduce Safari to the aTV iOS finally? They had BETTER to something of the like with the looks of Google TV. This will be another quarter they drop a bomb on Google. iPhone 5 to knock out “incredible” android devices. (pun-intended) and Safari + Apps. (though both will be limited so they don’t rock the boat with their trusting content providers, the networks are laying it on the line trying out the new device after-all. Apple will protect that trust) Perhaps they’ll even disable quicktime video for all sites, except of course.

    Evidence to support your case:
    -If they do add an app store and an iOS 5 equivalent OS that will be a game changer for the Apple TV vs. Google TV matchup (which google has been on top for some time in)
    -TV show rentals now being downloaded to iCloud as of update 4.3. (which looks and feels beautiful by the way).
    -Currently the aTV has 8GB NAND flash with an EMPTY BAY right next to it. Add another? A convincing argument to say that adding all these possibilities would cause people to question storage space for APPS. Faster processor and additional memory for more APP storage. 16GB seems reasonable for handling full length feature film buffering + app storage.
    -Activating Bluetooth (though currently restricted) – future gaming-controller support? This is a TV connected device after-all. Why not take stab at Microsoft’s XBOX and Sony’s Playstation in 2012 with a simpler, wii like platform. (but WAY better than wii, and streaming) Optical drives will almost be out of style by the. Plus beefier components would certainly open the door for it in 2012. AEgames and others would love to take a larger piece of the pie in the app store. Have you played their current iOS apps? Not Bad. I would sure like to see them succeed in the aTV section of the app store with a simple controller.
    -Also to be noted: ifixit’s aTV teardown showed solder marks on the logic board for a 30-pin dock connector, interesting considering the iPad and iPhone accessories that could be dongled to the aTV. (unlikely)

    Sad Conclusion:
    Although aTV will definitely see some advances this season, it will still probably remain limited in certain regards -indefinitely- because Apple still wants an iPad on every coffee table. Consider air-play mirroring brought to the iPad in iOS 5. Thats why, period.

    Apple TV 2’s birthday is September 29th. Prime-time for a birthday present? 8GB more of memory? App store access… I think YES.

    • August 5, 2011

      Wow great comment! I hope you are bang on with your ideas, I have been looking at the Apple TV but not brought myself to get one. If what I hope and you mention in your comment is going to happen I’ll snap one up in a shot!
      Thanks again! Great comment!