iPhone 5 Knock Off Only $47 in China Available in White!

fake iphone 5 back white
Although it looks good this cheak knock off is pretty poor!


We have posted links of 5 store you can buy the iPhone 5 clone.

Click here to find out where to buy an iPhone 5 knock off!

When we first spotted the iPhone 5 knock-off last week, the price listed was roughly $108, but a quick look online today shows that fake iPhone 5 prices have dive bombed since then and are now in the region of 299 Yuan  ($47)!

iphone 5 available china
Fake iPhone 5's in black and white.

The internals of these iPhone 5 clones, available in both black and white, is the same low end hardware as found in last weeks iPhone(y), even down to the JAVA based operating system.

Buy iPhone 5 knock-off here!

iphoen 5 clone with java
Java OS is running on this iPhone 5 knock off

The only difference it seems is that these iPhone 5 wannabes cost a fraction of the price and are available in white as well as black!

iphone 5 clone price
New super low price for the iPhone 5 knock off

The screen is a 3.5 inch resistive unit, memory comes in the form of replacable micro SD cards and the rear camera is 2 mega-pixel unit.

iphone 5 spy shot
The top of the fake iPhone 5's

Dimensions of the iPhone 5 clone, Phone i5 as it is marketed are 117 x 61 x 10.8mm and the weight is 105g.

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