GooApple 3G iPhone 4 Showdown: Part 1 Overview

iphone 4 vs gooapple 3G
The ultimate comparison between the ultimate smart phone and its exceptional knock-off

Ever since Apple announced the iPhone back in the day, someone in China has had a crack at copying it. Those early reproductions were pretty terrible to say the least, but the current generation of clones really pack a punch!

This is Part 1 of our GooApple Vs. iPhone 4 showdown. This first part concentrates on the external differences and gives a quick look at some of the specifications of both the real iPhone and it’s knock off the GooApple 3G. Thanks to Shanzhaiji for allowing us to translate their work and post it here.

Back in the early days of iPhone cloning some companies were happy enough just to glue a reflective Apple logo to a clamshell phone and misspell iPhone on the case and call it an iPhone clone.

As time moved on though, iPhone clones (and other smartphone clones) got better and better, with bodies which looked the same as the real thing!

If you head to one of the ‘phone cities’ located in any one of China’s larger cities you will not only get to see the bad clones of yesteryear, but you will also be treated to the current crop of iPhone clones.

What is the GooApple?

GooApple is one of the new breed of iPhone clones, in this case an iPhone 4. The name comes from the two companies used as the inspiration of the device.
‘Goo’ from the name Google, who lends its Android operating system to the phone and ‘Apple’ for the iPhone 4 design.

Why is the GooApple better than previous iPhone knock-offs?

Previous iPhone clones were only interested in mimicking the external appearance of the iPhone, the GooApple takes things a few steps further, by introducing the same functions as the real iPhone with a popular and well supported operating system.

That’s not to say the GooApple 3G is every bit as good as the iPhone 4, it can’t simply because the budget isn’t there, but if you want a solid smartphone with the look of an iPhone the GooApple is where it’s at.

GooApple 3G vs. iPhone 4 at a glance

gooapple iphone 4 comparison table
Take a look at the specs at a glance.

As you can see from the table above there are areas the real iPhone 4 wipes the floor with the GooApple such as screen resolution. The iPhone 4’s Retina display is far clearer and crisp with it’s 960 x 640 resolution compared to the GooApples 480 x 320.
Also the iPhone 4 has a little more processing grunt thanks to the 1Gh Apple A4 CPU, the GooApple’s CPU is only clocked at 600Mhz.

But look closely and you will also notice some areas the GooApple not only matches the iPhone 4’s specification, but even beats it!

The rear camera on both the iPhone 4 and GooApple 3G are 5 mega-pixel units, but the front camera on the GooApple is actually a much better 1.3 mega-pixel lens! The iPhone 4’s front camera is VGA quality at best!

The dimensions of both phones are the same, 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm, but the GooApple weighs in at only 120 grams.

What’s in the GooApple’s Box?

gooapple iPhone 4 clone box
Something's are similar in the Goapple 3G's box

The GooApple’s packaging isn’t far off the iPhone’s and you even get a few familiar accessories.
There is a ‘paper clip’ sim card tray pin, headphones, USB to 30pin dock connector which can be used to transfer files as well as charge the GooApple, a wall plug adapter and also full colour instructions (something which the iPhone 4 lacks!)

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gooapple 30 pin sync wire
The same sync cable for both Gooapple and iPhone 4

The USB 30pin transfer wire is pretty well the same as the iPhone 4’s, the two can actually be interchanged and used on either device!

headphones for gooapple iphone 4
The headphones for the Gooapple 3G look good but don't sound to crisp.

The headphones that come with the GooApple are very similar to the iPhone 4’s, even down to the remote. However the quality is much poorer and the the copper wires are easily broken if not cared for.

the gooapple's instructions are in English and Chinese
Full colour instructions in both Chinese and English

Full colour instructions are a nice touch, not only in Chinese either! There is an English version too!

Gizchina News of the week

Let’s Compare faces!

gooapple iphone 4 knock off
Which one is the knock-off iPhone 4?

Here they are, the iPhone 4 sat next to the GooApple 3G. Go on tell us which is which.

gooapple vs iphone 4 front
Even this close it's impossible to tell fake iPhone from real

Even on closer inspection you would be hard pushed to tell the difference between the two. In this case the GooApple is on the left of the picture, but we could have easily told you it was on the right, it’s impossible to tell from this photo!

closer inspection of iphone 4 and gooapple
This is how close we need to look to see the differences!

Only when you get very close to the two do you see differences in quality. The iPhone 4 (on the right) has a much smoother and cleaner finish.

Take it from behind

gooapple logo
The GooApple 3G's logo gives the game away.

Looking at the two from behind shows up the only major tale telling sign that one is real and the other is fake.

The now iconic Apple has been embossed on to the front of the cheeky Android robot on the GooApple.

gooapple designed in california
Designed in California? Cloned in China!

Also we have the GooApple name instead of iPhone, and the claim that the GooApple was designed in California... Well I suppose it was in a roundabout way.

Spot the differences!

Despite GooApple doing a superb job of imitating the iPhone 4, they have done it all the same as Apple. Some differences are due to manufacturing method, while others come down to the companies personal choices.

gooapple iphone 4 knock off top
The top of both the iPhone 4 and GooApple 3G are almost the same.

From the top of each phone you can see the iPhone 4 has a thinner, more distinct gap between the external antennas, also the ring around the headphone jack is smaller.
The GooApple looks to have had the ‘antenna’ gap added for looks rather than function.

gooapple is a perfect clone
100% accurate!

Which is which? from the bottom we can’t see any differences. 100% perfect!

Gooapple iphone 4 knock off left
Volume and mute controls have extra functions on the GooApple 3G

From the left you can see again the designs are pretty much identical, except again the GooApple has a slightly larger gat between the two metal bands.
Also worth mentioning are the controls. On the GooApple the mute switch actually acts as a toggle switch between modes. When the mute is switch to the ‘off’ position the volume buttons act as they would on an iPhone 4, increasing or decreasing the volume. Toggle the switch to the ‘on’ position and the volume buttons act as the back and option buttons which are used in the Android OS.

mini sim iphone 4 clone
The GooApple uses a mini sim where as the iPhone 4 a micro sim

On the right you can again see the larger gap, but also a larger SIM card tray.

gooapple iphone 4 showdown
The fuction is the same only the extra plastic is different.

GooApple have chosen to retain the older mini SIM design rather than the micro SIM design of the iPhone 4.

That’s if for our external look at the iPhone 4 Vs. the GooApple. Next time we will have more details on the differences in the screen and the Android operating system.

Keep posted for part 2 of our GooApple 3G vs. iPhone 4 Showdown!

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