Meizu MX Designs Show Up In Chinese Patent Office

leaked patent of meizu mx back
The back of the Meizu Mx gets an LED flash and new camera position

Designs of Meizu‘s next Android smartphone the MX (previously the M9II) have just turned up at China’s patent office. While Jack Wong says the designs are not finalised, they still throw some light on what the MX is likely to have up it’s sleeve once released.

The designs of the Meizu MX arrived at China’s patent office on 3rd August and show some interesting details such as a front facing camera.

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leaked patent meizu mx front
The front of the Meizu MX gets a front camera

There also seems to be an LED flash on the rear of the MX and an mini USB in base like the current Meizu M9.

leaked patent of meizu mx
A sim card tray on the top suggests a non-replacable battery for the Meizu MX

Other details show that that the SIM card tray for the MX will be at the top of the phone, like previous iPhone designs, rather than under the battery, which may suggest a non removable battery for the next generation Meizu MX.

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