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meizu m1 note review

Meizu has been talking about launching something in India, and it looks like it’ll be May 18th when it finally happens. What will it be, though?

meizu k52

There were a lot of happy Meizu fans today, but there was also a small amount of dispaointment due to the lack of a smaller phone launch, so when will a Meizu Mini go on sale?

9 days and counting

This time next week we should have the Meizu MX4 Pro in our hands, and thanks to Jack Wong we can look forward to the glow of an ultra high resolution 2K display!

flyme 4.0 screenshot

Jack Wong, the founder of Meizu, has posted a new screenshot on his Weibo account showing the Flyme 4.0 lockscreen and tells us news wll be coming on the 18th August!


Flyme development for the Samsung Galaxy S4 confirmed by Meizu’s founder.

meizu mart france

Meizu have launched another branch of their Meizumart stores, this one aimed at customers in France.

meizu mx4 render

Mobile phone security is becoming an increasingly important subject, one which Meizu’s Jack Wong seems to be taking seriously with the latest Meizu MX4 revelation.

Meizu boss Jack Wong has hit the Meizu forums again spilling details of a new mini 4G LTE equipped Meizu MX Mini.

Meizu have been keeping reporters busy lately with news of their continued growth abroad and the rumoured Meizu MX4, which will apparently ship in 2 versions.

Each year Meizu seem launch their latest earlier and earlier, and with all the rumours already surround the next-gen Meizu MX4 it could also be on sale sooner rather than later.

The year isn’t over yet, but Meizu’s Jack Wong is already leaking details of his companies next phone, the Meizu MX4G!

Meizu’s Jack Wong has never been one to mince words but his claims that the Meizu MX3 will be better than Samsung’s Galaxy S4 are pretty bold even for him!

Meizu’s Jack Wong has been running the hype machine for the companies upcoming Meizu MX3 this week with hints that the new phone could be powered by Samsung’s powerful Exyno 5410 Octa SoC.

If you wanted a secretive CEO for your company stay well clear of Meizu’s chef Jack Wong who has been up to his old tricks …

The Meizu MX is a fantastic phone and we truly enjoyed our hands one with it earlier this year, but if the previous Meizu M9 …

Earlier this month Meizu released a batch of pre production dual-core Meizu MX phones for an early review by some of the Chinese tech sites, …

Jack Wong, Meizu’s CEO appeared online at the Meizu forums today answering questions about the companies latest Meizu MX smartphone, and the differences between the …

Meizu’s CEO, Jack Wong, has long been known to throw wild rumors and accusations about while frequenting the Meizu forums here in China, however no …

The Meizu MX is, apparently, going to be the world’s first Android smart-phone sporting a quad-core CPU! What’s more it will have Android Ice-cream sandwich, …

Meizu’s Jack Wong has been surprisingly coy over the past month about his upcoming 4-inch Android smartphone, which is touted as the worlds first quad …