Jack Wong says that a smaller Meizu will launch in January

meizu k52

There were a lot of happy Meizu fans today, but there was also a small amount of disappointment due to the lack of a smaller phone launch, so when will a Meizu Mini go on sale?

Leaks and benchmarks before today’s launched suggest that two Meilan phones would be launched, a 5.5-inch note (launched today) and 4.6-inch mini, which is still unreleased.

Many fans both international and in China have wondered what has happened to the smaller phone, with Chinese Weibo users even asking head of Meizu Jack Wong himself.

In typical Jack Wong fashion he didn’t beat around the bush and simply said that fans should wait until January! So is January going to be the launch of the Meizu M1 Mini? This would certainly be in keeping with Meizu’s promise to launch 4 phones before the end of the year (Chinese year at least).

[ GizChina.it ]
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