Top 5 Fake Stores Found in China

fake KFC fast food china

As Chinese consumers have become more demanding, new challenges are facing China’s small business. Chinese customers want Western style service in a Western style environment, but at Chinese prices!

So what can small business owners do? Create counterfeit Western stores seems to be the answer!

5. Fake Starbucks

Coffee is becoming increasingly popular in China, so it’s no wonder that fake Starbucks have sprung up in every major city. Some of our favourites are:

fake starbucks china


fake starbucks coffee shop china

Buckstar Coffee

starfucks coffee china

and of course the classic Starfucks!

4. Knock-off McDonalds

McDonalds isn’t as popular in China as KFC (see later in the list), but that hasn’t stopped clever unimaginative entrepreneurs copying the famous fast food brand.


fake mcdonalds china

This fake McDonalds spotted in China has got the ‘golden arches‘ upside down and the rather strange name “Micheal Along”, which could relate to a the band “Micheal Learns to Rock” who headed the pop charts in China a few years ago for what seemed like an eternity!

3. Numerous Fake KFC’s all over China!

KFC is the undisputed fast food king in China, and all manner of KFC ‘inspired’ clones have hatched all over the place.

However looking at the initials on some of these fake KFC, it would be difficult to tell what fast food, or fast service they may offer!

fake KFC fast food china

XMD? And look at the Colonel’s eyes! Perhaps they provided some sort of drive-thru full body cavity search?

fake KFC in China

KMC? Kentucky Mango Cat? King Mao’s Cat? If you can think of a better one leave it in the comments.

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2. Fake Apple Stores

fake apple store in China

The fake Apple stores which seem to be opening every 5 minutes here in China, are actually well designed nice stores.

fake apple store china employee

The staff have nice uniforms and are friendly enough to Jailbreak your iPhone or iPad if you bung them a few 10o Yuan, but their ballsyness knows no bounds when it comes to claiming how ‘official’ they are.

1. Knock-Off Ikea

fake ikea china

The fake Ikea store located in Kunming get’s to the number one spot on our list of top fake stores in China due to its unashamed cloning and sheer size!

inside fake ikea china

The store is huge, painted blue, called Ikea and is filled with cheap good looking home furnishings! Are the real Ikea even sure this is a fake store?

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