Xiaomi CEO: China’s Latest Fake Steve Jobs

Xiaomi CEO: China’s Latest Fake Steve Jobs

xiaomi ceo fake steve jobs
Xiaomi CEO dressed as a Chinese Steve Jobs

There have been a few Fake Steve Jobs in China, but the latest looks to be Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun a self admitted Apple fan, take a look at the similarities after the jump.

Xiaomi, or ‘Little Mistress’sCEO presented the launch of the companies new dual core Android smartphone yesterday dressed in a similar outfit as you would expect Steve Jobs to be wearing!

xiaomi fake steve jobs china
They even have the same shoes and stand the same!

The black top, blue jeans and New Balance shoes are all there!

chinas fake steve jobs
The clothing and mannerisms are unmistakable

Even is mannerisms are similar!

xiaomi mock iphone 4 problems
Xiaomi CEO mocks iPhone 4 problems

Lei Jun may well be Apple’s biggest fan, even going as far to dress the same as Apple CEO Steve Jobs, but he didn’t mind twisting the knife a little when it came to pointing out a few faults with the iPhone 4!

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  • Derek

    Heh… very similar~
    but the phone is very attractive~

  • Kyle

    Aren’t these common outfit nowadays? The black top, blue jeans and New Balance shoes are all there! Steve Jobs wore turtleneck all the time

    All iPhones are made in China anyway with parts cheaply made but selling at premium prices, when are the Apple fans gonna wake up of over-paying?

  • jbperez808

    No turtleneck. No long sleeves. Just happens to be a dark sport shirt and jeans and rubber shoes worn by maybe 80% of the population.

    Find something more relevant to write about, please.