Ramos W7 iPad killer!

ramos w7 android tablet
Ramos W7 MID

My birthday isn’t for a few months, but i’ve already found my gift! I would like a Ramos W7 MID please!

This 4.8inch screen, iPad Nano ‘wannabe’ not only looks the part, but also runs a Google Android operating system and supports flash! Take that iPad!

Not quite…….

The W7 also supports WIFI and 3G, has a capacative TFT LCD touch screen and ships in either an 8Gb or 16Gb bundle. Now take it iPad!!

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And the Ramos W7 MID costs a mere 1400RMB ($205) for the 8Gb, OR 1700RMB ($250) for the 16Gb.

Now the iPad can ‘TAKE IT’

Check out the gallery and video below:



If you want more info about the Ramos W7 leave a comment or send an email to:


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