Enable Multi-touch gestures on iPad: How To!

If you are an iPad owner who has been excited about the prospects of multi touch gestures on your Apple tablet since the release of iOS4.3, you like many are likely to be disappointed that us regular Joes can’t access them.

However, if you have a Jailbroken iPad and 5 minutes of spare-time here’s how you can edit the iPad’s system files to activate some multi-touch functionality.

Although we haven’t tried this on iOS 5 yet the same hack should also work.

First of all you will need a Jailbroken iPad.

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Next you will need to either install iFile on your iPad or a program such as iFunbox on your PC.

With iFile (or through iFunbox with your iPad connected to your PC) locate this file:


You will need a text editing program like Notepad (Windows) or Textedit (Mac) for the following.

Open the K848AP.plist file.

Now add this line to the file:


Save the file, disconnect your iPad and restart.

On reboot you should find you can now use 4 finger multi-touch to swipe between screens and applications.



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