Android Powered Microwaves: How Google will beat Apple

android microwave
A microwave running Android in China

Smart-phones are wondrous devices, it seems that every month something new is added to an already impressive list of  advanced functions.

From searching the web, to chatting on Skype, streaming video or playing games, using the built in GPS to find your way home or even making a boring old phone call. Smart-phones can do it all and much more.

However, there are a few things they can’t do. Ever wanted to wash your socks from your mobile? Or how about microwaving your TV dinner from the comfort of your touch screen?

Well, certain manufacturers have decided to take it upon themselves to deliver those household functions you’ve been pining for, in the form of Android powered kitchen appliances!

Behold, the Android microwave and washing machine!

Not only will these white goods cook and wash for you, but if you feel the need to check the latest news or Google the population of sheep in Wales, you will no longer need to reach for that handset in your pocket. Just reach for the touchscreen while your socks are on a spin cycle and start Googling!

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Not only will your Android appliances have access to the web, but they will also offer VOIP calls over local Wifi connections. Google Maps, Youtube and other Apps. normally meant for Android phones and tablets will also feature on your microwave, washer and possibly toaster!

When we first looked at these products we thought they were the biggest gimmicks of the Android world, but after realising the type of consumer Google are aiming at with Android we can see how having an Android washer might just payoff.

Google, and Apple, are both after the same market, the non tech savy consumers who want to check their email and browse the web. People like your mum or grandmother. So what better way to introduce Android to the non geek crowd than through normal everyday appliances.

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Think how convenient it would be for  grandma  if she could just pick up a Nexus 1 and start streaming from Youtube without having to ask ‘What does this button do’ Thanks to her working knowledge of Android, mastered by programing the washing machine.

Apple on the other aren’t likely to let 3rd parties  load iPhone 4.0 on on to their appliances, meaning Apple still has to convince your Gran to go out and buy a gadget or computing device.

Android could be the winner after all!

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