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After many rumors and speculation, Apple will be finally unveiling its subscription-based TV and video service on March 25, but according to a recent report, …

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Chuwi GBox

Anyone looking to get a new afforable mini PC is surely considering the new Chuwi GBox, because it’s hands down one of the most interesting …

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Both OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T owners felt a little underwhelmed when they noticed that their flagships couldn’t stream HD content. The reason? Well, both …

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meizu box

Apple has one, Xiaomi has one and this is what it would look like if Meizu made their very own Meizu Box Android STB.

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Another video streaming service has teamed up with a hardware maker in an attempt to invade Chinese living rooms. IQiyi smart TV’s will start at just $490 for the 48-inch version!

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The Lenovo Beacon Media server is a dual core box with 1GB of RAM and a custom version of Linux. It costs $199 and has two slots for up to 6TB of space.

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In a recent development that is seen as a party spoiler for Xiaomi, popular Chinese video streaming service, Youku Todou took Xiaomi to court for allegedly providing users of the Xiaomi Box with unlicensed content.

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Chinese search giant Baidu aren’t shy of the fact that they simply follow Google’s lead, which had resulted in the company launching it’s own Chormecast type USB device.

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As well as launching the waterproof Huawei Glory 3, Huawei also launched a tiny, quad-core Android STB called the MediaQ M310.

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MHL is a feature which more and more Chinese phones are shipping with. It enables streaming of HD content between mobile devices and TV’s and it is getting a 4K update.

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Google have finally announced Android 4.3 Jelly Bean which will be available for current Nexus device uses and includes some nice updates!

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The Oppo Find 5 comes with a very impressive 5-inch 1080p HD display, but sometimes even that isn’t big enough. Thankfully Oppo have released the …

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Chinese Android tablet brand Cube have been throwing surprises at us for the past few months. First it was their fantastic 9.7inch Retina display tablet …

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One of my personal go to apps on either my Android or iOS phone is Instagram, I use it more than the default photo apps …

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Meizu don’t seem to like being out of the new so after a quiet week last week, they have decided to launch an updated version …

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Proving that they are still the masters of low cost Android 4.0 Tablets, Ainol have launched a budget 7 inch tablet named the Ainol Novo …

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We reviewed the original ePad all the way back last year and we can honestly say we thought it was a pile of steaming turd! …

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  Yipai may not be the first brand you think of when you look for a stylish, and powerful tablet, but they should be as …

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Smart-phones are wondrous devices, it seems that every month something new is added to an already impressive list of  advanced functions. From searching the web, …

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