Dell and Baidu Team To Develop Rival to Android and iOS!

baidu yi
Baidu's Yi OS soon to preloaded on to Dell phone and tablets

Did Google’s recent accusation of Motorola get your open-source ‘Spider Sense’ tingling? Or Steve Jobs leaving his post as Apple’s CEO, have you breath a sigh of relief? Yes! Really! Baidu and Dell too!

Baidu, China’s equivalent to Google and the largest search engine in China with more than an 80% market share, have teamed up with Dell, the makers of extremely bland computers (Yes, and Alienware laptops), to develop a new mobile operating system plus mobile phone and tablet for it to run on.

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Baidu Yi, Baidu’s new mobile operating system, was unveiled on Friday and is part of the companies latest strategy to keep ahead of Google in the Chinese mobile device market.

The team up between the two tech companies is being seen as a win win situation (unless your Google) with Baidu being able to get more international brand recognition, and Dell being able to compete in the very completive Chines mobile and tablet market with an operating system especially designed for the market.

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