CutePad Android Tablet Is a Feature Packed Bargain

$100 3G,GPS android tablet
Shenzhen CutePad with 3G, GPS, and a capacitive screen for just over $100!

The CutePad from Shenzhen Union Electronics is a deceptive little gadget. First of all it’s not cute! Where is the Hello Kitty or other equally lovable character?! And what about that $100 price tag with 3G and Wi-Fi?! … Hang on that’s quite good!If we had featured the CutePad last year as a 700 Yuan ($109) tablet we would have probably said it’s ‘OK’ or the ‘Resistive screen isn’t bad’ and ‘it’s a shame there are no cameras’, but fortunately for us and you the CutePad has launched at a time when tablet components are at their cheapest.

prototype cutepad android tablet
The production model will be available in brighter colour choices

So for just over $100 you get a 7 inch capacitive screen, 1.3 mega-pixel front facing camera, Android 2.2, HDMI out, but best of all Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS!

The CutePad will be available later this month, when we will also bring you more details.

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