11.6 Inch Dell Adamo Clone On Sale

dell adamo clone thin
The Shenzhen made Dell Adamo clone is super thin

When Dell released the Adamo 13 inch laptop last year a lot of people sat up and actually stared. From a company that had previously only been know for it’s cheap and cheerful, rather chunky laptops a super thin, extremely well designed, ultra portable had emerged. Some compared it to the Macbook Air, although (in China) the Air is actually cheaper than the Dell!
Not to miss a trick, or the opportunity to make a quick buck. The local Shanzhai (clone) makers quickly whipped out their own 11.6 inch Adamo clone, complete with Dell branding and Dell box!
Other than the size the 2nd biggest difference between this and the real thing is the price. The genuine Dell Adamo starts at 15,000RMB and spirals all the way up to 25,999RMB! That’s nearly as much as Chang An’s new Ben Ben Mini city car! This clone on the other hand slips in well below this price range at an easy to swallow 2,500RMB! OR 10 times cheaper than the genuine top of the range model!

Like most of these clones the internals are pure netbook. Atom N270 processor, 1Gb DDR ram, Intel GMA 945 graphics, 160Gb hard-drive…… blah blah it’s all the same.
Of all the current clones on the market this is our favorite. It looks great and it’s really amazingly thin. Even for a Mac user like myself I’d much prefer to pull this one out at the local Starbucks rather than one of the endless Macbook air clones currently doing the rounds!

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